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Sorry, there's not much to post about lately. 'The Walking Dead' has been awful, until the very last episode, which was admittedly very good. 'Game of Thrones' isn't on yet. There really aren't any good movies out. So yep, January, February, and March have pretty much been devoid of scifi fun. In the meantime enjoy this pic.

I will be posting an entry about the most underrated shows in science fiction and fantasy tomorrow or Saturday. Let me know your thoughts. What shows do you think are/have been underrated or cancelled too soon? 


  1. Cancelled too soon? Besides Firefly.
    It's not science fiction, but the new season of Psych started, and that will keep me going for a while.

  2. What I hate is the lack of internal logic from one series to the next in US series. For example in the 1st & 2nd series of Fringe the shapechangers could not stay in the shape of the person they had killed for very long-yet by season 3 there's this one who has been in the same shape for 7 years!! This so annoys me.
    I am going off Dr Who as well after watching it from the start in 1963, very sad. I think I would like to see a series of Communities Inspector Spacetime.

  3. Firefly is the obvious pick here.

    Whedon's Dollhouse finally got going once they gave the control of it back to him, but by then the ratings were so low that it didn't stay on the air.

    Going back to when I was a lot younger, there was a show titled Otherworld in the early 80s that I liked. It was cheesy fun, and if I saw it now I might wonder what I saw in it, but I liked it back then. It only lasted about 8 episodes.

    Wonderfalls was a great fantasy series that was killed by Fox after only two or three episodes. The DVD set contained all the produced episodes so it was enough to realize how great it could have been.

    I still miss Pushing Daisies (done by the same guy who did Wonderfalls.)

    Now and Again only ran one season. I remember watching an episode in early May that ending in a cliffhanger and thinking "Wow! Next week's episode is going to be fantastic!" then finding out that was not only the last episode of the season, but that the show was not going to be renewed. The presmise was that John Goodman's character died, but the government transferred his consciousness into the bioengineered body of Eric Close to act as a covert superagent for them. It also had a pre-24 Dennis Haysbert on it.

    Babylon 5 ran five years, but it still was cancelled too soon in the respect that the entire thing was one five year story arc, but the network cancelled it after four seasons. The show runner knew it so he rushed his story to try to get it done in four years....then the show was picked up for a fifth season anyway and he now had to do a season of filler stories just to take up space. The decision to cancel it after four seaons both lessened the overall story and the left a really bad last season.

  4. Alex-- Firefly is a good one. It borders on scifi/fantasy. My husband loves Psych. He's been watching all of the old episodes on Netflix. i think he's finally done. Has it been cancelled?

    Paul-- why are you giving up on Dr. Who? I haven't seen the last episode, but I figured I would save the episodes and watch them all at once. Admittedly, Dr. Who hasn't been nearly as good this year.

    Chip-- I heard 'Pushing Daisies' was good. I think the creator also did 'Dead Like Me.' Some of the other shows you mentioned I haven't heard of. Which is a good sign that they're underrated! I did watch the Dollhouse, but it went downhill towards the end.


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