Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Agent Carter Series, Godzilla Pee, Ben Affleck as Batman Oh My, + Links

It's official the 'Agent Carter' series is actually happening. ABC has ordered six episodes (or a half season), with Hayley Atwell in the lead. Yet another reason why I'm starting to become a Marvel fan. Yes, I know I'm DC through and through, but what the heck is DC doing with its catalog! Seriously, if Marvel is getting an 'Agent Carter' series off the ground, why can't they give us Wonder Woman? Ok, please chant and repeat: I will not rant about Wonder Woman, I will not rant about Wonder Woman, I will not rant about Wonder Woman, I will not...

So supposedly Quicksilver is the best thing in the new 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' film. Word is Evan Peters steals every scene he's in. I did enjoy Peters in 'American Horror Story,' but I'm still very skeptical of this film. From what little I've seen I've much preferred the Quicksilver from the 'Avengers' sequel played by Aaron Johnson.

Now on to one of the few franchises DC Comics can do, Batman. I am personally really looking forward to seeing Ben Affleck as Batman in 'Batman versus Superman.' Many people may not like Affleck personally (for some reason), but I think he's a great actor. I'm confident that he will do a great job. I'm much more concerned about Zack Synder's direction and David Goyer's writing. That was the dastardly duo behind 'Man of Steel.'

Can someone give me a good reason the Mummy franchise is being rebooted? I don't recall it being that great of a franchise to begin with? It's only about 15 years old or so, but alas this is Hollywood. The latest news is that the reboot just lost its director, 'Mama' Director Andy Muschetti. Definitely not a good sign.

Cool Stuff
Someone seriously needs to defrost their refrigerator. In the meantime, watch Luke Skywalker battle the ice cave monster. I believe they are called Wampas.
Dorkly is at it again with a 'Game of Thrones' spoof. Last time he reminded us of all the silly reasons why we haven't had a Wonder Woman film yet. And for that we thank you Dorkly. We thank you.

Via Dorkly
Here is the last 'Maleficent' trailer before its May 30th release. Check it out.

Things that make you go hmmmm?

Someone actually calculated how much 'Godzilla' would pee everyday. Yes some enterprising scientist actually did this. At 150 meters high, Godzilla would pee about two oil tankers per day. That's a lot of urine. I don't want to think about the poo.

So this was how Godzilla's roar was designed. This is actually kinda cool. Find out all about how the sound engineers designed the "most important sound effect in cinematic history."

Brittani has a really cool blogathon idea. Join in Brittani's blogathon of favorite movie titles (A through Z).  Rules 1.) List your favorite movie title with each letter of the alphabet. 2.) You don't necessarily have to like the movie to use its title. 3.) Use Brittani's banner at the top of the post. 4.) Have all submissions submitted by Friday, May 23, 2014. You can tweet Brittani at @ramblingfilm or send her an email at

Katy's B-Movies Blogathon is still ongoing. Enter by May 24, 2014. Be sure to join that one too!

I Want
Who would want a life-sized Bobba Fett figure to stand guard in their garage? I do! The 'RoboCop' figure for $449 was one thing, but this is definitely out of my budget at $7,499. However, if anyone is feeling generous, I am more than willing to accept this as a gift! This is another amazing piece from Sideshow Collectibles.

Here are a few links I love this week:
The Geek Twins examine Ben Affleck's Batman costume in detail
See Alex J. Cavanaugh's entry for Katy's B-Movies blogathon
Jeremy Retro does the Batman Safety Dance
Cinema Viewfinder reviews 'Belle'
Fisti talks about bad parents and divas!
Resident Thrones expert Sati reviews the latest 'Game of Thrones' episode
French Toast Sunday talks about their 5 favorite things about 'Slumdog Millionaire'
Brittani reviews 'The Neighbors'
Catch up on the latest recaps with Sofia at Film Flare
The Flick Chick reviews 'The Postman Always Rings Twice'
Paul talks about the poetry of John Stuart
Must Love Movies reviews 'Blackfish'
Chip reviews 'Fear Eats the Soul'
Alex gets in character with Jeremy Davies
Joel reviews 'Nymphomaniac Vol. II'
Cinematic Katzenjammer tells us why 'I, Frankenstein' failed so miserably


  1. YES... you have the pulse of on the hot stuff... thank you... I just got I, Frankenstein... looking forward to the nightmare... maybe not it's got Yvonne... and monster. I am going to re-edit batman for the Safety Dance...

  2. This is an awesome post Ms. Mariah. You have a great way of breaking down the news. Godzilla's roar went two miles away thanks to dry ice on a metal vent! That's impressive

    1. Thanks Maurice! I know, isn't that cool! I'm always amazed how people think of stuff.

  3. How much Godzilla pees... I'm afraid to ask what they will calculate next.
    Might have to do the movie title blogfest...

    1. Yes, I think you should. I'm looking fwd to putting my list together!

  4. Great fun post!
    I love the new look Batman, I have faith that Snyder will pull this off. Now when will they give Wonder Woman her Movie!
    I guess after the Kaiju poo in Pacific Rim someone had to do the math on Godzilla!
    I will post a review of Godzilla on Fri, I've done well to stay away from most Spoilers...most.
    I'm still looking for the best movie to do for Katy's B-Movies Blogathon.

    1. I totally forgot about the Kaiju poo in 'Pacific Rim.' Yes, I suppose someone had to think about it. Every mammal and reptile urinates and poos. It's gotta go somewhere. I'm looking fwd to your review of 'Godzilla.'

  5. Thanks for the links! :) That fact about Godzilla is hilarious. I think that could be great comedy if they actually showed that in the movie.

    I'm personally still having a rough time with Affleck as Batman. Probably because I loved Bale so much, and I find Affleck to be a better director than an actor. We'll see.

    I have high hopes for Agent Carter. If a female lead TV show does good for Marvel, that can only mean Black Widow and other female characters getting their own movies, right?

    1. I understand. I thought Bale was great as Batman. I also enjoyed Michael Keaton. The only actor I thought didn't do a good job as Batman was Clooney and that was more b/c of the movie rather than him. That film was crazy awful.

      I am looking fwd to Agent Carter. I hope this paves the way for other female heroes and superheroes.

  6. Thank you for the link!

    I may tune in for that Agent Carter series, I really like Hayley Atwell.

    I think that new Batman movie is gonna be a disaster - not even because of the actors, Snyder is really a joke.

  7. You're welcome. I like her a lot too. She's so beautiful. I'm very concerned abt the new Batman v Superman movie especially w/ Synder involved.

  8. So many great links - thank you for sharing!
    I'm really looking forward to Ben as Batman too - however, I like Daredevil (more for nostalgic reasons than technicality) so my opinion on the new movie may be mute. The direction and writing is what I fear the most that will give the skeptics reasons to drawl on Affleck.
    A reboot of The Mummy? I love the first two; they are some of the best adventure flicks for my generation. I can only doubt that the remakes won't live up to Stephen Sommer's versions.

    1. Hi Katy, thanks for your comment! I am also looking fwd to Batman, although I'm really worried about Synder. He tanked Man of Steel.

      I agree. the first Mummy was good. I enjoyed it. I just never understand why they need to reboot so many movies within such a short span of time.

  9. It's a little odd that Godzilla never eats his defeated enemies. I suppose it's because he runs on nuclear energy.
    Also, are you misspelling Zack Snyder's name on purpose?

    1. Hi Mark! You know I thought the same thing. Why didn't he eat the Mothras? But I guess he eats radiation?

      As for Snyder's name, no I was mispelling on accident. I'm not nearly that clever. Thank you for letting me know! :)


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