Monday, September 8, 2008

Dragon Con 2008 Photo Diary

 photo AtlantaandOrlandoLaborDay2008084.jpg
 photo Barbarians.jpg  photo Barbie.jpg 
 photo Beautifulcostume.jpg  photo Centurioncylon.jpg  photo IronMan.jpg  photo DoctorOctopus.jpg
 photo Cobracommand02.jpg  photo Knight.jpg  photo Predators01.jpg  photo StreetFighter.jpg  photo Streetwalking02.jpg  photo Trononstilts01.jpg
 photo Wookiemadness02-Jim.jpg Aaron Douglas 01 photo AaronDouglas03.jpg Battlestar panel photo BSG02.jpg Hayden Penetierre photo HaydenPatineere--tookpicaccidentall.jpg The beautiful James Callis photo JamesCallis02.jpg  photo JewelStaite02.jpg  photo MichaelDorn02.jpg James Marsters photo JamesMarsters-upcloseandpersonal02.jpg  photo MichaelRosenbaum04.jpg  photo YanceyButler.jpg

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