GG is Wonder Woman,! New Interstellar Trailer, Dr. Who S8 Set Photos + More

It's official. Gal Gadot is the sexiest woman alive...this week. I'm married, with a baby, and straight as an arrow, but I'm seriously in love with this woman. Admittedly, I'm more so in love with the idea of Wonder Woman coming to the big screen, as most people who visit my blog can attest to, but Gal's pic as Wonder Woman is so exquisite it's just too much to bear. I didn't care to go to SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) this year, for various reasons, but if there's one thing that I'm grateful to #SDCC for, it's for a sneak peak at new films.

I'm not a fan of Zach Synder's films and I'm really worried about the new "Batman v' Superman" film (if 'Man of Steel' was any indication), but a hearty thanks to Synder for tweeting this pic. Although I had to find this more colorful version of her costume elsewhere. I'm not sure why they removed the color from her costume in the pic they posted, but's the new WW with the appropriate colors. Gal is looking fierce!

The new "Interstellar" trailer is so incredible, I have no words. I don't know the last time I've been in awe of a "true" science fiction film. Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway are a pair of celestial astronauts who take to the stars in order to save the human race. The new trailer gives us a few more details about the film. It certainly doesn't hurt that the Christopher Nolan is directing. I don't think that man knows how to do a bad film. Click on the picture to watch the trailer.

Someone took Bobba Fett and his "bounty" literally. I love it.
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Chris Hemsworth gives an update on 'Thor 3.' So somehow Marvel is making room for 'Thor 3,' but they (meaning Kevin Feige, President and Producer) can't seem to make get a 'Black Widow' film together. Really?

So 'Sharknado 2' debuted last night. If you're on twitter you couldn't avoid it, especially if you follow the Blastr website--geez get a hobby. If you're full time job is tweeting about "Sharknado" then it's time to quit. To be fair, I think Blastr is owned by the SyFy Channel.

Admittedly, I watched it as I surfed the web. Am I the only one who thinks the SyFy Channel has overplayed it's hand? I wish SyFy would at least try to make a half-way decent film? I don't get why people find this franchise so endearing. Yes, ha, ha, we get it sharks are flying. I personally prefer the idea this guy had on Reddit-- how about a "bear-i-cane?"

More set photos from 'Doctor Who' Season 8. I'm really digging Peter Capaldi. I was a big fan of Matt Smith and David Tennant, but I can't wait for an older, edgier Doctor. August 23rd. August 23rd. August 23rd!

Ever since the disappointing 'Last Ship' and 'The Strain' debuted, I've been looking for a suitable replacement. A few new shows have peaked my interest. Has anyone heard of 'Dig' or 'Ascension?' 'Dig' is an archaeological thriller in the same vein as 'The Da Vinci Code.'

'Ascension' is set in present times with a twist. In 1963 hundreds of people were sent on a 100 year journey into space. They are fifty years into their journey when a young woman is murdered on the ship. The trailer reminds me a little bit of 'Dark City.' Scifi darling Tricia Helfer stars. 'iZombie' is also looking quite promising, despite debuting on the CW. iZombie is about a young coroner forced to steal brains from the dead people she works on to quell her hunger. CW should thank it's lucky stars for 'Supernatural' and most recently 'Arrow.' Hopefully 'iZombie' will bring up the rear.

San Diego Comic-Con from Home! Day 1

Just think you didn't get a chance to wait in a line wrapped around the block...
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Admittedly, you're missing out on a swag bag that you weren't going to win anyway. A swag bag full of books that you've likely already read--on your kindle.
Via Torteen
I suppose you coulda got some jelly beans....
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You are also totally missing out on taking random photos with inanimate objects from your favorite shows that you could share with your tweeps...
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Or take a picture with your head sticking through a cardboard cutout...
Via Felicia Day on twitter
You won't be able to take a picture in front of a fake stone wall that transports you to 1700's Scotland.
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Or think about stepping past the white line to touch the Darth Vadar Batmobile.
Via Blastr
Or take a photo in front of Agent Colson's 'Agents of Shield' car. Yes, you know that television show you kinda sorta like...sometimes.
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You won't get a chance to see Sideshow Collectibles carefully protected behind 3-inch glass. Oh...the reflection glares.
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You won't get a chance to see celebrities do silly things. You would probably miss it anyway because you would normally be waiting in the autograph line with two crisp $20 bills. Yes, autographs cost money at cons. Big money.
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You won't get to see movie posters that are already posted online.
Nor will you be able to longingly stare at an Obi Wan Kenobi wax figure from 3-feet away.
Via Peter Sciretta
Just forget about touring a mini-haunted house created by Guillermo del Toro in honor of his new gothic horror film, 'Crimson Peak.' But don't fret because here's the video on io9.
Via io9
Yeah, but the panels...oh the panels. You won't be able to sit outside of a large conference room for 1 to 2 hours (if you're lucky) as you wait for your favorite panel to start. You're just thankful that the floors are carpeted and that you have your diet Mountain Dew on hand. You still manage to get an awesome seat about 100 rows back, while you listen to funny little stories told by your favorite film and television stars. Because even though you're in a room full of people, they're talking to you...only you!

You won't get a chance to hear the one weirdo fan in the room ask an equally weird question. Most importantly, you won't be able to take an awesome photo while sitting behind someone's Easter Island head!
Via Peter Sciretta
But seriously, you're still missing all of the cosplay. The same cosplay photos that will be online within 5 minutes.
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No, I'm not headed to the beach this week unfortunately, but I'm saving for a beach vacation. Thus, I couldn't go to Comic Con this year. :(

Lucy Lawless Joins Agents of Shield, Walking Dead Spoilers, Awesome Jurassic Poster + Links

These 'Jurassic World' posters are so gorgeous that I want one for my living least for summer time. Scifi artist Mark Englert has produced this most recent work for this year's Comic Con. If you haven't seen his previous artwork see Collider's site. They have a wonderful collection of Englert art. The new 'Jurassic World' poster is clearly an homage to the original 1993 film. 'Jurassic World' opens June 12, 2015 and stars Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Pratt, B.D. Wong, and Vincent D'Onofrio.


It was announced today that Lucy Lawless will be joining 'Agents of Shield.' And all of the fangirls and fanboys collectively did a happy dance. Perhaps this show isn't so bad after all? Now if only the show dropped some of the dead weight in the form of Skye and Agent Ward...then all would be right with the world. No word on what character Lawless will be playing.

There's a rumor circulating that J.J. Abrams is bringing a "Westworld" remake to HBO with Sir Anthony Hopkins as the lead. I know that HBO typically attracts movie stars, but if this rumor is true then HBO is seriously stepping up their game. James Marsden and Evan Rachel Wood will costar.

Baby Poison Ivy gets a name change on 'Gotham.' Poison Ivy's real name has always been Pamela Isley. Now henceforth baby Poison Ivy will be known as "Ivy Pepper." Not sure what prompted the name change? Do the producers really think people are not smart enough to know that she's baby Poison Ivy without the word "ivy" in her name?

Ethan Hawke gets all timey wimey in a new time travel flick. Hawke essentially plays a timecop who has to go back in time and stop a disaster or something. Yeah, we've seen this before, but so what. "All of this has happened before and it will happen again." -- Peter Pan.

In other news-- Has anyone been watching 'The Strain?' io9's article pretty much sums up my feelings about it. It was just ok. I am still waiting for a show (or a film) to semi-accurately depict the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). Don't these people hire consultants? Would the CDC seriously release four people infected with a mysterious disease that had just killed 300 people? Does that make sense?


Watch the first 5 minutes of 'The Guardians of the Galaxy.' 

Via The Walking Dead News
Beth gets a boyfriend on 'The Walking Dead,' in the form of 'The Fault in Our Stars' star Ansel Elgort. And all the fangirls swoon. I'm just happy that Carol and baby Judith seem to still be alive and away from "Terminus." I'm hoping that Carol will save the day. Team Carol all the way. I didn't agree with her decision to kill sick people, but at least Carol has scruples. I can't say the same for the rest of the characters.


Her Universe continues to impress me with their stylish geek girl clothes. Yes please.


Via Jacquelyn Phillips Photography
My favorite cosplay this week is a family cosplay! And everyone said "awwwww."


Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) extolls the virtues of science in an autotune of course, because why not?


Melissa Bradley updates us on her cancer fight. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
Alex reviews 'Snowpiercer'
Film Sketcher reveals a female transformer
Jeremy Retro dishes on Tony Jaa's new flick
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Sati gets "Under the Skin" of Scarlett Johanasson
Katy has a cool entry for Hitchcock's Women in Film Blogathon
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French Toast Sunday is hosting Speilberg in July
The Geek Twins discuss the reasons we never got a 3rd 'Batman' film from Burton
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Fisti's best of 2013 is up. Looking great.
Mark gives an account of the Pacific Northwest Writer's Association Conference
Check out Alex's entry in the Six Degrees of Separation Blogathon that Nostra is hosting!

Whew, lots of good links this week!

Gotham is Nitty Gritty?| Batgirl Gets New Duds| Drunks Play Street Fighter + More


Website Changes
I'm sure you've noticed that I've made some website changes. I'm using a new template and I'm lovin' the new look. I hope you are too. It's a lot cleaner and simpler. Simple is always good. I'm still in the process of working out the gremlins, so if you notice any bugs please send me an email. Thanks!

So supposedly this new trailer for 'Gotham' is uber "gritty and atmospheric." Clearly someone pulled out the thesaurus, because I would hardly call this trailer gritty. IMHO any show with baby versions of Catwoman and Poison Ivy and angsty teen versions of the Penguin and the Riddler is not gritty. It doesn't mean it won't be a good show. However, knowing the Fox Network like I do, I give it 1 to 2 seasons max. I could be wrong, but Fox isn't known for giving their fantasy (and especially SciFi) shows a fighting chance. *cough* Almost Human! *end cough* That said, 'Sleepy Hollow' certainly surprised me.
Gotham's casting certainly looks good. Ben McKenzie plays Jim Gordon. I've liked McKenzie since 'Southland.' Let's try to forget that he started out in 'The OC.' You gotta start somewhere I guess. Jada Pinkett Smith stars as the Penguin's companion, Fish Mooney. As a DC Comics fan, I've never heard of this character before, so the character must be specific to the series. Character actor Donal Logue stars as Detective Harvey Bullock. Det. Bullock is original to DC Comics.

The Walking Dead
More details on 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 are pouring in. Some S5 photos have been floating around, along with empty promises from the producers, some talk of major character deaths--of course, and most curious of all is the rumor that some scenes were cut from the season premiere because they were too disturbing. Perhaps more will be revealed at Comic Con this week. I wish I could get excited, but I'm totally hate watching this show now.

Yes, the new Batgirl costume is awesome. Take a gander. Now if only these guys could take a crack at Wonder Woman's costume? I'm sure they'd do a great job. The new 'Batgirl' costume is not only svelte, but practical. She's traded in high-heels for combat boots. Good job!

Speaking of, don't forget to celebrate "Batman Day" on July 23rd! Earlier this year in May, 'Batman' celebrated his 75th birthday! To commemorate "Batman Day," check out how the caped crusader's costume and mask have changed over the years.

Avengers 2
New photos from the 'Avengers 2' set are here. There really isn't anything too exciting here, but it's cool to get a quick glimpse of the set. 'Avengers 2' will open in theaters on May 1, 2015. Time passes so quickly sometimes, 2015 seems so much closer than it did before.

Tolkien & Lewis
The J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis friendship and rivalry will be the subject of a movie. Finally. I'm a big fan of both of their works, so I would definitely see this film.


Repetitive Screenwriting
i09 lists some of the most repetitive screenwriter tricks. I have to agree with them. Screenwriters seem to write the same cliches over and over and over again. For example, "it's behind me isn't it?" | my new "not" favorite-- someone walks into a road and then suddenly gets hit by a bus | exciting scene immediately followed by 48 hours earlier... There are so many more and they are so true. Please screenwriters stop this. Try to squeeze out an ounce of creativity.

Repetitive Movie Posters
I have to say I agree with this person. Hollywood movie posters aren't as creative as they used to be. Sometimes movie posters are just as formulaic as the films themselves. Admittedly, 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' was fantastic. I haven't seen 'Purge 2' yet so I'm not sure about that one. The original "Purge" film was actually a fun little thriller, so I may see the sequel.


I have some of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics, which has featured Spike, but somehow I missed a graphic novel exclusively about Spike written by James Marsters himself! "Spike: Into the Light" is available on Amazon and I will be reading it soon.
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Drunk Russian Streetfighting
Drunken Russians fighting to the tune of Street Fighter. This is perhaps one of the most awesome things I have seen in a long time. Yes, more to drunken Russian street fighter. The car is in the background too!

Ambitious Drunk Raccoon
So this ambitious raccoon decides to take on a 28 pound of cat food. Short version-- the raccoon wins.

Awesome Photoshopping
This woman takes her Facebook profile photos very seriously and it's glorious. I wish I were this creative.


This guy's cosplay is just awesome. Well played sir. Well played.