Friday, October 2, 2009



What can one say about 'Zombieland?' It's fun popcorn flick especially if you like the zombie genre. If you don't like zombie movies then stay away from this movie. They never explain how or why the zombie apocalypse happened because it doesn't matter. What matters is the journey, not the destination and the journey is a beautiful ride. The film has just enough camp to make it interesting. There's not much to say about this movie, it's pretty much self-explanatory. If you liked 'Shawn of the Dead' then you'll enjoy this film. It never takes itself too seriously.

Plot: Jessie Eisenburg (Columbus) plays a shy student trying to reach his family in Ohio after the zombie apocalypse. His survival depends upon his adherence to his own zombie survival guide, a gun-toting tough guy trying to find Twinkies, and a pair of manipulative sisters trying to get to an amusement park.


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  1. Actually, zombie movies don't do much for me, but I loved this movie. So have several other people I've watched it with.

    Really, after a couple scenes early in the movie with some gore in them to establish some "zombie cred" it's an action comedy.

    I don't hesitate to recommend this to anyone.


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