Friday, February 26, 2010

Crazy Fun - The Crazies Review

Directed by BRECK EISNER

PlotThe Crazies was great fun to watch.  It's not about gore, it's just a good scary flick. If you like no-nonsense horror movies then you'll love this one. This movie is fast-paced, tightly written, and to the point.  The are no melodramatic frills in this film.

Timothy Olyphant plays David, the local Sheriff.  David is enjoying a high school baseball game with the rest of the town of Ogden Marsh, Iowa.  That is until he sees the town drunk with a shotgun ready to blow the pitcher off the mound.  The next night, a local farmer brutally kills his family.  As the townsfolk slowly go crazy, David realizes that something is amiss in this quiet town. 

The explanation is simple, but effective--a plane carrying biological chemicals has crash landed into the town's drinking water reservoir.  No further explanation is needed.  The main focus becomes the characters and how they are going to get out of this situation.  As soon as David figures out what's going on, the black trucks arrive.  As soon as the government arrives it's too late.  The G-men have been silently and secretly watching the town unravel.  Once the town goes under quarantine, it's a wild and crazy ride from there.  If you like scary movies, then you need to see this one. 

Timothy Olyphant brings a believable intelligence to his character, as do all of the actors, including, David's physician wife, Judy (Radha Mitchell); his deputy, Russell (Joe Anderson); and local girl, Becca (Danielle Panabaker).


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