Saturday, February 26, 2011

Eagle Takes Flight


The Eagle was decent. It wasn't great or even all that interesting, but it was a decent action drama. That said, Channing Tatum who plays Marcus Aquila is worth the price of admission. At first sight he appears to be a big lug, but he's got charisma and it shows in this film. I would wager that he is soon to become a favorite man's man action/drama star, if he's isn't one already. Most people would look like idiots riding around in roman garb, speaking with an American accent, but he manages to make it look good. His costar Jamie Bell who plays Esca is also quite good. If you'd prefer a better film on a similar subject, then rent "The Centurion," with Michael Fassbender (300) and Dominic West (The Wire). That film was bloody fantastic and it was about the actual disappearnce of the 9th legion, unlike this film, which is set 20 years later.

This film is set 20 years after the disappearance of the ninth legion. Marcus Aquila (Channing) is the son of the eagle bearer of the ill-fated legion. Seeking to restore his father's honor, Marcus makes his way to command the farthest Roman outpost in Britain (within Hadrian's wall). After a skirmish with the local brits, he returns home glorious, but injured. In the healing process he rescues an unfortunate slave from the arena by the name of Esca. After being saved by Marcus, Esca swears his loyalty to him and the two form a friendship. After recovering from his injuries, Marcus seeks to return to Britain, this time past Hardian's wall. Marcus wants to find the eagle standard that was lost with his father and the 9th legion. What follows is a buddy-cop-February release. So the Eagle was just ok, but overall enjoyable.


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