Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Supernatural Season 7 - Sneak Peak

Great news!  Jewel Staite will be guest starring on Supernatural in October.  The sneak peak debuted at Comic Con this past week.  It looks like one fan secretly recorded the 2 minute preview on a handheld device.

Jewel plays Sam's long-lost teenage girlfriend, Amy.  Sam comes across grown-up Amy during a monster hunt.  From the preview, Amy may be a shapeshifter.  As the video was filmed on a handheld, the quality leaves much to be desired.  Happy viewing.


  1. Gotta start watching this show again; watched the first two seasons but I kinda stopped watching for some reason after that. Did enjoy the show a lot though.

  2. Jewel is hot. Comic-con is big news, it was not mainstream until recently.

  3. @Cheshire-- Yep. The show kind of stalled during the 2nd season. It got really got during season 4.

  4. @Jammer-- I really like Jewel. She's one of my favorite scifi actresses. I would like to go to comic con, but it would be a transcontinental flight for me (I'm on the east coast).

    I'm going to dragon con later this year.

  5. Man, Comicon this year really sounds like it was a blast....
    I totally wish I could have been there.

  6. My favorite part of Comic-Con is watching the butt-cam videos slowly leak out over the next few days. Sadly, I don't care much about this show.

  7. Love Jewel! She is a fave actress of mine and I am so excited she is going to be on Supernatural, a show I adore.

  8. @Andrew-- I so want to go one of these days. I go to Dragon Con b/c it's closer and I live on the east coast. Transcontinental travel is always a headache, but I want to make the comic con trip at least once.

    @Kamatacci-- Butt cams? Tell me someone is not doing that?

    @Melissa-- I really like Jewel too. She's also super nice in person. I don't know her, but we met her at Dragon Con a few years ago.


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