Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ward of The State

John Carpenter hasn't directed a film in 10 years.  Thus, I was super excited to see him back in the director's chair.  His new film The Ward is set for wide release this weekend and it was previously given an early release OnDemand.  The Ward is about a young woman, Kristin (Amber Heard), sent to the loony bin for arson in 1966.  As this is set in 1966, electric shock and lobotomies were common place.
That's not the worst of it of course.  This is a Carpenter film, so the asylum is haunted and the blood flows from there.  Carpenter's specialty is young women in trouble, so what's wrong with this picture?  The reviews are pouring in and it's not good.  I have a feeling this one won't last in the theaters for long.  I'll still watch it because it's Carpenter and he is my favorite master of horror (even if he's fallen down on the job), but I won't pay $8 for the pleasure.  Many of the reviews I've read noted that Carpenter is still better than most horror directors and still retains his eye for art direction and ultra smooth style.  So this one may be a mixed bag.

Has anyone seen this one?  What did you think?


  1. "The Ward" was very disappointing. You probably already know that the twist to it is the same as at least three other famous films, two of them quite recent. The camerawork is bizarrely like a TV movie with lots of fade-outs to show the passage of time. Basically, it doesn't feel like a Jon Carpenter film and it's not scary or exciting either.

  2. That's so unfortunate. What happened to Carpenter? He used to be so brilliant. The other greats may have had a few flops but they've always bounced back. So why hasn't Carpenter? Didn't he lose his writing partner, Deborah Hill? Perhaps that's changed the dynamic for Jim.

    Thx for the advice. I'll skip this one for sure.

  3. did not see the movie yet :S

    I think the film alone is already worth watching it cause of Amber Heard <3

  4. Ms Mariah

    Following from my Necrotic account now, it is not the same as my Uranium one. My avatar is Syd Barrett, the b/w image of a burned out British rocker.

    I have one ore blog there you can follow if you like about my life in China. Not much done there but I have plans.



  5. Yeah, I just watched it. Wasn't very good.

  6. @Magixx-- I agree. I like Amber Heard. She's fast become a great b-movie queen.

    @Bill-- Thanks. I'm following both accounts now. I really like both blogs. I'm impressed. I can barely keep up with this one.

    @Triper - Thanks for the comment. I checked out your blog. Very cool tunes. I really like the Lou Reed song.

    @Movie68 - Yep, I think I'll skip from what you and Dr. Blood said. It's too bad. Carpenter used to rock. Thanks.

    @Comeatmebro-- Thanks. I don't think I've followed a tech blog yet. Great blog. Followed.

  7. Carpenter directed a couple of my all time favourites but he hasn't moved with the times.

  8. @Ricky-- He really doesn't move with the times. He's pretty inflexible.


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