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Ellie Garratt's Blogfest (Star Trek As We Know It)

Welcome to the Ellie Garratt Star Trek Blogfest.  Thanks to Ellie for putting on this blogfest.  Please check out Ellie's page to see the other blog entries.  Questions asked: Rank, favorite episodes, and favorite characters.  See below for my answers and please check out Ellie's blog.  Thanks.

Counselor Mariah and yes, I am a true Trekkie.  I have watched Star Trek for years and I have watched all of the different iterations of Star Trek.

Favorite Episodes

5.  Death Wish (Star Trek: Voyager) - I really liked VoyagerVoyager started out a little shaky, but eventually found it's feet with the indomitable Captain Janeway.  The series waned somewhat towards the end, but overall this was a great Star Trek series.  One of my favorite episodes of Voyager of course includes "Q."  Unlike his "frienemy" relationship with Picard, Janeway and "Q" had a special relationship, which started in this episode when "Q" seeks asylum on Voyager so he can commit suicide.

4.  Trials and Tribble-ations (Deep Space Nine) - This episode was great on so many levels: time travel, tribbles, and comedy.  This is one of the few Star Trek episodes in which I laughed out loud.  Overall this is a must-see for any Star Trek fan.

3.  Twilight (Star Trek: Enterprise) - Unfortunately this series never really found it's feet and yes, I watched every single episode in hopes that this series would improve.  Scott Bakula was well-cast as Captain Archer, Jolene Blalock was great as his first officer Sub-Commander T'Pol, and the rest of the cast was first-rate, but that didn't save this show from early cancellation, as the writing was sub par.  Despite it's problems, the series had sprinkles of great episodes throughout and Twilight was one of them.  I'm not sure if it's T'Pol's blind dedication to Captain Archer or the alternate reality that they're stuck in for 12 years, but this episode was great-- it's got time-traveling parasites, earth's destruction, and a just enough romance not to be boring.

2. The City on the Edge of Forever - (Star Trek) - Say what you want about Star Wars, but Star Trek was first.  Gene Roddenberry's vision of men and women traveling the stars was a revolutionary concept in television.  No matter how good the remakes, prequels, or sequels have been, it all started with the original.  When Dr. McCoy goes temporarily insane, he jumps through a portal in space time altering earth's history.  Kirk and Spock need to follow him through the portal to stop him.  After 45 years, it's sounds like an overly simplistic concept, but that's because it's been imitated to death.  What's the phrase?  "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

and my favorite Star Trek episode is...

1.  Yesterday's Enterprise (Star Trek: The Next Generation) - I'm sure this is a lot of folks favorite episode.  This episode had it all: time travel, alternate realities, Federation/Klingon war, and of course...the return of Tasha YarYesterday's Enterprise was about the doomed vessel (Enterprise-C) accidentally traveling forward in time, temporarily escaping it's doom, and inadvertently disrupting the space-time continuum.  The Enterprise-D encounters the time traveling vessel, but in this reality Tasha Yar is still alive, the Federation is at war with the Klingon Empire (which isn't going well for the Federation), and Enterprise-D isn't a diplomatic vessel, it's a warship.  This is an exceptional episode that still stands the test of time after 21 years. 

Favorite Characters

5.  Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby) - (Tough, smart, beautiful, and... doomed-- what a wonderful combination).  Tasha Yar's brief time on Star Trek is the stuff of legend.  Denise Crosby's early exit from The Next Generation was a surprise to everyone, considering the popularity of her character.  Thankfully this being science fiction, even after her early departure we have had the pleasure of seeing more of Tasha Yar and her descendants.  Denise Crosby is also well-known for starring and producing the documentary film, Trekkies.  Did you know that she's the granddaughter of Bing Crosby?

4.  Lieutenant Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) - What can't you say about Uhura?  She's elegant, smart, beautiful, and dedicated.  Nichelle Nichols starred as Lt Uhura in the original 60's series as well as the original films, giving Zoe Saldana big shoes to fil.  It goes without saying that the role of Lt Uhura was a groundbreaking role for African American women on television.  During Star Trek's three-year showing, Nichelle NicholsGeorge Takei as Sulu, and Gene Roddenberry, broke down barriers every week.  In fact, Lt Uhura and Captain Kirk shared one of the first interracial kisses on television (excluding Sammy Davis and Frank Sinatra--that doesn't really count, right?).

3.  Lieutenant Commander Data (Brent Spiner) - The perpetual tin man in search for his heart, Commander Data is one of Star Trek's most beloved characters.  This role single-handedly proved just how good of an actor Brent Spiner was.  Prior to Brent's appearance on Star Trek, his best-known role was on Night Court.  Many folks thought that role would typecast him, but Brent proved everyone wrong when he played the positronic tin man flawlessly.

2.  Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) - This old stalwart is my all-time favorite captain and is the Star Trek captain that Generation X is most familiar with.  Captain Picard was a master at diplomacy,  surprisingly athletic, highly intelligent, Shakespearean, and he could kick butt when it counted.  Lest we forget Captain Picard also has the best line in The Next Generation series: "Make it So." 

and my favorite Star Trek character is...

1.  Ensign Ro Laren (Michelle Forbes) - Impetuous, tough, and conflicted.  These are just a few reasons that Ensign Ro is my favorite character of all-time.  Always willing to speak her mind, Ensign Ro never backed down, not even to her commanding officers.  I like to think that this was Michelle's signature tough-girl role, which led to so many other things.   

Honorable mentions

Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy)
Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew)
Seven of Nine (Jerri Ryan)


  1. Great fav list. I couldn't agree more. I started rewatching them, up to the last season of Enterprise. I used to watch all of them once a year, just dont have the time now.

  2. Ensign Ro got on my nerves, but I loved Data and definitely have to watch more of Voyager. It was ingenious when they brought back Tasha gotta love those writers. :)

  3. I'm not sure I know the correct titles for the episodes, but a few of my favorites are (in no particular order):

    Deep Space Nine - In the Pale Moonlight - if I have the name wrong it's the episode where Sisko plots to bring the Romulans into the fight with the Cardassians.

    Next Generation - Interior Life - if I have the name wrong it's the one where Picard lives an entire life's worth of events inside his head.

    I also liked the final two hour episode of Next Generation. I felt it was superior to any of the theatrical movies released with the Next Generation cast. (Yes, the wormhole they created should have been there then disappeared when they hit it with their beam, not the other way around, but most people probably didn't notice.)

  4. Great post and I too loved Uhura! She was a great character and once I saw her at a StarCon that pretty much cemented it. Cheers!

  5. Nice to meet you, Ms. Mariah.

    I enjoyed that episode when Tasha Yar came back, too. I always missed her after she left. Great list.

  6. DS9's Tribbles episode is getting a lot of mentions today. Funniest episode ever!

  7. Enterprise isn't exactly my favorite of shows, but my kids are all over it. It lacks that "Star Trek" feeling in my opinion... :(

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  8. "Yesterday's Enterprise" was one of the best! Great post!

  9. I liked the latest star terk movie, but never could get into the tv show.

  10. @bnhutchinson Hi thanks. What a great idea, watching them all once/year. I'm going to start doing that.

    @Laila Knight Ha, yes she could be irritating, but overall she was one of my favorites. Data was great. I think everyone must like him. Agreed, the way they brought Tasha back was ingenious.

    @Chip Lary You have a great list too. You should have joined the blogfest. :)

    @DanetteYep, Nichelle is a real class act. I wish she was going to the next convention I was going to. I'm going to Dragon Con this year. I believe that Staner will be there, but not Nichelle.

    @M PaxPleased to meet you as well M. Pax. Thanks for the post.

    @Alex J. Cavanaugh That tribbles episode was so funny. I can't wait to check out everyone else's pages. I'm sure it's mentioned a lot.

    @Sylar Thanks a bunch!

    @Elizabeth Mueller Yep, Enterprise was seriously lacking in the writing department. I think it was the worst of all the franchises, but every now and again they surprised me with a great episode. The last season was actually pretty good. It only took them 4 seasons to get there.

    @Belle I really like that episode. I was just a teenager when I saw it but it made a lasting impression.

    @i_love_weed You're hilarious. :) It takes a lot of bravery to make that post in a Star Trek blogfest. Thanks for making me laugh.

    @Jammer The movie was great. I'm glad JJ Abrams breathed new life into the franchise after the Berman and Braga drove it off a cliff.

  11. Thanks for the list. I loved your perspectives on all matters Star Trek. I'm afraid that I am unfamiliar with The Next Generation and everything that followed. One of these days I will have to give TNG a chance to win me over.


  12. This is a great list. I just started watching a few SNG a couple of months ago. Can't tell you how strong of a nostalgic reaction I had. What as crazier, I remembered every episode, lines of dialog, etc. Has all that information been rattling around in my head all this time?

  13. In my opinion, the original Uhura was African, not African-American. She was bilingual in English and Swahili, and gave no indication of growing up in America. The new Uhura in the new Star Trek is definitely an American, by her speech and mannerisms. That was kind of a disappointment, but we have to take what we can get.

  14. Damn good choices, I don't agree with all of them but they have made me think.

  15. One thing this Blogfest gives me is an appreciation for the 'newer' versions of Star Trek, namely Voyager and Deep Space Nine.

    The enthusiasm from their fans is marvelous and goading me to check them out.

    Great Post!

  16. Oh how I love Star Trek. I'm currently watching all the original episodes on Netflix. The City on the Edge of Forever is one of my favorite Star Trek's too... and The Trouble with Tribbles.

  17. @Kenneth Tso Ha, yes I thought they deserved them. I really have so many favorites. Thanks!

    @James Garcia Jr I think you'd like TNG. They have reruns on. I'm tempted to dvr them, but I already record too much stuff. It was a great show. After the original, it's the 2nd best Star Trek series.

    @nowaysj That's too funny. It's amazing what you remember when you re-watch something.

    @Mark Murata Hi, I agree the character was African, but Nichelle Nichols was African-American and it was Nichelle and Gene Roddenberry that broke down the barriers of that era. I included George Takei in that list too, but he experienced the same thing Nichelle did.

    I don't know if I like the new Uhura (Saldana). I agree about Nichelle. Nichelle brought a certain charm and elegance that Zoe doesn't have. Although Zoe is good, she's no Nichelle.

    @The Angry Lurker Hi, thanks. Did you do the blogfest too? I'll have to check out your page.

    @Huntress That's great. I think you'd like Voyager and DS9. Enterprise left much to be desired, but it was decent.

    @Doralynn Kennedy I didn't realize the original episodes were online with Netflix. I'll have to log on and watch them. Thanks!

  18. Great pics! Everyone's posting Trekkie stuff and I love it:)

  19. Great, great choices. And so many great characters and episodes. Ro Laren - damn, should have had her on my list!

  20. @Mark Noce Thanks a bunch!

    @Simon Kewin I'll have to check out your list. I'm sure it's great!

  21. I hated this show growing up because my mom was such a Trekkie, lol. Well not really a Trekkie, but she kept up with all of the shows and movies.

    I think I'm finally getting over my jealousy and I'm kind of interested in going back and watching it :D

  22. You have the most mix of series of anyone I've visited so far. Some great choices there.
    I see you are an Enterprize series fan! ;O)

  23. Great and very thorough post about Star Trek.

  24. Fantastic choices! I was devastated when they killed off Tasha - I couldn't believe it. Trials & Tribblations is such a great episode too!! :)

  25. Great picks. I loved Data too and Voyager.

  26. @tracirz I understand. I didn't care for the shows my mom watched first. She would make me watch China Beach with her, which I hated, but then I started liking the series.

    @Amy Thanks a bunch!

    @Madeleine Thanks. I tried to mix it up a little and tried to pull my favorite episodes from all of the series. I hope they bring back a new trek series soon. It was a sad day when trek went off the air for good, but we have the movies to look forward to.

    Yes, I really liked Enterprise. I was disappointed with that show for the most part, but every now and then they had some great episodes.

    @Leovi Thanks! I enjoyed yours as well.

    @Jemi Fraser Me too. I was upset when Tasha was killed off. It was Denise Crosby's choice, but that didn't make it easier. I'm glad she came back to the series as a guest star. Wasn't Trials & Tribblations a great episode. I need to see that episode again. It was so funny.

    @Clarissa Draper I've always enjoyed Brent. I'm excited to see him at Dragon Con next week.

  27. Wow. Fabulous choices and write-up for each. So glad you took part!

  28. Janeway's and Q's relationship was classic!! :) Some great episodes, here. My husband and daughter could confirm, I've used "Make it so" a time or two with them...

  29. @Ellie Garratt Thanks for hosting Ellie. Good job w/ the blogfest.

    @Donea Lee I agree. It was such a different relationship than Q's and Picard's. I really enjoyed Q & Janeway's banter.

  30. Great list. It's so hard to choose favorites when it comes to Star Trek - I didn't pick Yesterday's Enterprise, for instance, but I easily could have. Thanks for warping around the galaxy with us!

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