Friday, November 18, 2011

The Battle Hymn of Snow White

Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron in dueling roles as the evil queen

It's interesting to compare the two Snow White films side by side. Mirror, Mirror appears to be sweetly whimsical and Julia Roberts plays the wickedly funny queen. Whereas, Snow White and the Huntsman is a much darker tale, with Charlize Theron as the stunningly, fiendish queen.
Given Julia Roberts comedic ability, she's been well cast as the cheeky, scheming queen. Mirror Mirror is directed by Tarsem Singh, who directed the beautiful monstrosity, the Immortals. Tarsem is well-known for his beautiful films, so it's no surprise that the costumes in Mirror, Mirror are impressive, but as we saw in the Immortals, beautiful costumes and visuals do not make a good movie. Despite his shortcomings, I will continue to rave that Tarsem's 2008 film, The Fall, was a masterpiece.

But alas, we shouldn't rule out first time director of Snow White and the Huntsman, Rupert Sanders. We've yet to see what he can do and that's exciting. From the preview it appears that Sanders knows his way around a camera. I thought that I'd prefer Mirror, Mirror, however, after viewing both trailers, I'm leaning towards Snow White and the Huntsman, despite the casting of Kristin Stewart, who is perpetually dishwater dull. If only Lily Collins played Snow White in both films. That said, making Snow White a warrior princess is an interesting concept. I'm game.

Which film will you see?
Kristen Stewart as Snow White the warrior//Lily Collins plays the more traditional role of Snow White.
Lily Collins as Snow White in Mirror Mirror
Kristen Stewart as Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman
Check out the trailers and see what you think.

Mirror, Mirror

Snow White and the Huntsman


  1. I had read earlier about Roberts being the queen, and tried to picture what it would look like in my head... I'm a little worried for the film now that I've seen the picture... I'll probably watch it anyway.

  2. I'm preferring the Huntsman version at the moment.

  3. wow! hadn't seen the huntsman trailer yet. FANTASTIC! i actually like stewart when she's playing detatched characters like in THE CAKE EATERS. but i'm a stutterer/mumbler, so maybe i'm biased about her delivery, thinking it more natural.

    i'm thinking these two snow whites are apples and oranges, and i think i might just like both. that huntsman looks visually dynamic as well. the milk(??) thing was SUPER creepy!

  4. Snow White and the Huntsman catches my eye first.
    Why do movies travel in pairs?

  5. It's hard to get context from what little is shown in the trailer, but at this moment I just can't take Snow White in armor seriously, yet this is supposed to be the serious one of the two. Perhaps when seen in the context of the rest of the movie, it will make perfect sense.

    Right now, the other one doesn't look like it's trying to be anything other than what it is - a goodnatured spoof of a story that is ripe for spoofing. Again, maybe the only funny lines in the whole movie are already in the trailer. Who knows?

    Speaking of trailers, I thought The Hunger Games trailer did a very good job of setting up the movie (casting issues aside.) The selection sequence was moving and it was only a trailer. I might actually go see that in the theater.

  6. I like the idea of Snow White as a warrior, it gives her powerful role instead of that of a victim.

  7. Subradar-- I think if it had been a serious drama I would have been concerned, but comedies are Julia Roberts element. She has pretty good timing. I'm more worried about the director, Tarsem. He's really hit or miss.

    Angry Lurker-- I'm with you. I think the Huntsman looks more interesting.

    Vic-- I think you're right. It is kind of like apples and oranges. They're such different films.

    Alex-- It's so true. They do travel in pairs? I don't know why that is. Hollywood ran out of ideas a while ago.

    Chip-- I agree. I'm curious as to how they're going to pull off Snow White in armor. Everyone keeps telling me that I have to check out the hunger games trailer. I will go watch it right now. I just issues with the casting so I haven't seen it yet.

    Paul-- It will be interesting to see. I'm curious as to how they're going to handle it.


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