Monday, November 21, 2011

The Night Before "Who"

There is nothing I hate more than seeing Christmas trees in retail stores in October. Let me celebrate Halloween, please. I saw one store roll out their Christmas trees in September, effectively giving us four months of Christmas. I don't mean to "good ole' day" you, but back in the good ole' days, we didn't put our Christmas tree up until the week of Christmas, sometimes even on Christmas Eve. You'd wake up to presents under the lit tree, which you put up the night before. That was the whole point. Oh how far we've come.

So I am hesitant to start thinking about Christmas this early, as I believe in celebrating the fall season, but I will make an exception for Doctor Who. The preview for the new Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Widow and the Wardrobe, has just been released so I feel the need to post it. Thankfully, the special will not be showing in the U.S. until Christmas Eve, which is appropriate.

Matt Smith as the incredible Doctor Who


  1. Considering how many Christmas specials have already been on TV, glad they are waiting to air that one!

  2. I hear you. Christmas has become a commercial night mare. I still love it but I wish stores and networks would give us Halloween and Thanksgiving first and then start throwing Christmas stuff at us.

  3. Doctor Whooooo, such a great series.


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