Thursday, January 26, 2012

Incredible Plant of the Apes Posters

Martin Ansin, Edition: 415
These posters are just amazing. Check out Mondo's new poster collection created for all five classic films.
Ken Taylor, Edition: 390

Rich Kelly, Edition: 320

Phantom City Creative, Edition: 370

Florian Bertmer, Edition of 345
Jason Edmiston, Edition: 295


  1. The first two look so amazing! I wish all movies had posters like them!

    And the art in number 5 is just fantastic too! (I love its style!)

  2. @Max-- You can't go wrong w/ the classics.

    @Alex-- It's incredible, right? What an amazing talent these artists have.

    @Vic-- Too true!

    @Bersecules-- I miss seeing artistic movie posters like this. What ever happened to posters like Attack of the 50' Woman? These posters harken back to that era. Great stuff.

  3. I'd be so happy to have at least one of these on my wall. Great stuff!


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