Sunday, February 12, 2012

In Memoriam - Ode to Whitney Houston

and wants to live, and always have.

Yes, I'm jumping the shark, but I had to give a farwell post to the legendary Whitney Houston. Like movies, music is a big part of my life. So here's to the woman who gave me my very first record album (yes, album) as a young girl. Whitney Houston's album was the first album I chose myself. All my mom would buy me was Seasmae Street, The MuppetsCaptain & Tennille, the Yentil Soundtrack, and Crystal Gale. If it wasn't for Whitney Houston, I would have never had any decent music.

She may have had a very troubled existence in her late years, but this is how I will always remember her. Rest in Peace to the one and only, Whitney Houston. God rest her soul.


  1. She had an extraordinary voice and talent. RIP.

  2. I have to admit the headline caught me by surprise when I saw it Saturday. I had avoided all of her appearances in recent years because I preferred to remember her from before things took their toll.

  3. Beautiful tribute. Whitney definitely did serve as a soundtrack for some times in my life. I can remember being blown away by her voice in high school. She was a singular talent who will be missed.

  4. I'm not a huge fan of Whitney if I'm honest. Was sad to see her recent live perfomances be so heavily criticised, I guess she couldn't sing like she used to. Whitney had an amazing voice.

    Her new movie Sparkle (2012) should do well now, much like MJ's "This is It" doc did couple years ago.


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