Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mummy Reboot? Seriously

Den of Geek and Geeks of Doom are reporting that Len Wiseman has been hired to reboot 'The Mummy' franchise. You know, the same franchise that just released a movie four years ago, 'Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.'
Director Len Wiseman is best known for 'The Underworld' franchise and being Kate Beckinsale's husband. I personally like 'The Underworld' franchise, but I put it in the same category as 'Resident Evil'--it's the gift that keeps on giving a la guilty pleasure. But Wiseman had a huge mistep this year with the 'Total Recall' remake and now he's being offered yet another franchise to destroy.

Is that how it works in hollywood? Make one bad remake, then move on to the next.

What are your thoughts on this? See my 'No more bad remakes' post from a few months ago.


  1. Why reboot? The Mummy has been around for years - make a new movie instead.

  2. I personally hate all the remakes, reboot, and things like that. It seems to me just a way to make easy money with products often bad.

  3. A "reboot" is the new 3D. When one movie works, studios latch onto what they think made it popular and then overkill us with clones.

  4. Alex-- Couldn't agree more. Or better yet do 'Ramses: The Damned,' by Anne Rice.

    Nick-- Me too. Surely there are other great ideas out there.

    Chip-- So true. I hate 3D. It's all about the money.

  5. I get the impression that Hollywood is like a club once you are accepted in you are forgiven the trash you then churn out. I like the first Underworld film but thought they should have left it at that. i also have to admit to watching the third-utter scutter.

  6. That's the thing. Apparently they have to make a new movie under the same name every set number of years otherwise they lose the rights to produce the movie.

    So if they run out of ideas, time for a reboot!

  7. Paul-- I think you make a good point. Perhaps that's most of us don't get it. It's a club that we're not a part of.

    DWei-- I didn't realize. That makes sense.


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