Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Has 'True Blood' Gone Off The Rails?

This artist is incredible. Check out Nathalief87 Deviant Art or Society 6.
After watching last night's crazed episode, I firmly believe that this show has finally gone off the rails. It jumped the shark years ago, but now the train has fallen off the tracks and is hastily speeding towards its demise. You can see a full review of Sunday's episode on io9. I simply cannot bring myself to write a full review of this show. It's just too much to bear.
There are so many things wrong with this season: the trailer park wolf pack; Sam and his many girlfriends; Sookie's blood pact with Warlow (the vampire/ghost creature who originally looked like a Rob Zombie ghost, but then all of a sudden became hot)' Andy's fairy daughters; making scifi darling Rutger Hauer the fairy king; Jessica being Jessica; and the list goes on. Admittedly a few things have kept me watching: Pam, Tara, Eric, Ginger, and of course the woefully underused La La. But alas, instead of focusing on these wonderful characters, the show focuses on sweet, simple, yet crazy Terry and a conspiracy against vampires. Didn't we see a vampire conspiracy in Season 2 a la Fellowship of the Sun? A full on vampire/human war would have been much more interesting.

After starting with such promise, the show has become one big caricature of its former self. The writing is abysmal, the characters are certifiably insane, and the gooey supernatural center of 'True Blood' is stale. Seriously, don't watch this show. I can't take my own advice because I'm on the train until it hits the wall. I've come too far not to see what happens. It's the show I LOVE TO HATE.


  1. I've never watched it. I have one blogger friend who raves about it all the time, but he's on break right now, so I don't know what he thought about the episode. Did it go off the rails or completely jump the shark?

  2. Yikes! I have never seen True Blood. I tried reading the books, but when Sookie went with Eric, I was done. I did not like that character at all. I much prefer Bill. My poor sweet Bill. :)

  3. Never watched it myself. The only vampires that I like these days are permanently dead ones.

  4. Alex-- You're not missing much. This show is loca. There are so many better shows on tv right now.

    Melissa-- Good to hear from you! I hope you're doing well. I guess I read a few of the books. I guess I prefer Eric-- at least from the show.

    DWei-- Ha, I think that would make a better show!

  5. I will always have a soft spot for Rutger Hauer because of Blade Runner.

  6. I don't watch it, but one of my daughters does. She's been complaining about it going downhill for quite a while. I hate it when that happens to a show I like.

  7. Elliot-- Long time no see! Good to see you.

    Pat-- So true. You're daughter is right!

  8. Never watched this show. Not into "sexy vampires." Doesn't sound like I missed much. But I know the pain of a favorite show dropping into the toilet.


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