Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Norse gods Blogfest

To celebrate the release of Siv Maria Ottem's book, 'Secrets of the Ash Tree,' Alex J. Cavanaugh, author and blogger extraordinaire,  is hosting the "Norse gods Blogfest." My favorite Norse god is of course.....

I assume people could guess this. Wonder Woman is my avatar after all! Originally spelled "Brynhildr," she is a shield maiden and a valkyrie in Norse (and later in German) mythology. She is also the main character in the 'Volsunga Saga' and the basis for Wagner's masterpiece, 'Ride of the Valkyries.' Before the Bugs Bunny cartoons, Brunhilde was a force to be reckoned with. She was the original warrior woman, not a comical figure with blonde braids.


  1. Good choice! And I didn't think she was like the one in Bugs Bunny...

  2. Ahh! I love Brynhild too! I've got a blogpost going up about her in the Saga of the Volsungs later this month. She's SO WISE. I think more than anything that's what makes her so incredible. She pretty much just tells Sigurd EVERYTHING that's going to happen and gives him all the information he needs to stop it from coming to pass, and then he doesn't listen and I want to slap that man!

  3. Nice choice!The Valkyrie have a part in my book and Brynhild has a major role in the second book in my series Gods and fairytales which I am writing now!

  4. I chose Saga for this Norse contest. Good luck to Siv and her book, Secrets of the Ash Tree.

  5. Cool! Not familiar with her, but she sounds great!

  6. Good to know her origins. Shame on me, I only found out today that Brunhilde is a Norse goddess. :)

  7. Ooh. Glad you chose a woman. She sounds awesome.

  8. She sounds like a strong lady, good choice for the fest.

  9. I almost chose Brunhilde as well. Great choice. Ended up going with Frigg.

  10. Brilliant choice Ms.Mariah. There are a lot of strong females in mythology.

  11. Alex-- As always, thanks. I think Elmer Fudd was portraying a comical Brunhilda in Bugs Bunny? Perhaps I'm thinking of another.

    Amalia-- I think you know more about her than I do. She has such a rich backstory.

    D.G.-- I thought your choice was great!

    Siv-- Thanks and congrats on your book and happy birthday!

    Pk-- She's become a caricature. She's in a lot of bugs bunny cartoons. I think Elmer Fudd puts on the blonde wig!

    Mary-- Yay for warrior women!

    J.L.-- You know I was actually wondering about that. I was wondering if she was considered a goddess or a demi-god?

    ilima-- I think so. I always joke about the name "Brunhilda" but in mythology she was pretty tough.

    Suzanne-- I agree. Thanks!

    Donna-- Thanks so much!

    Isis-- I learned so much from other people's pages. So many Norse goddesses.

    Maurice-- Thanks. There are and in real life too!

  12. I love the goddesses and the Norse god/goddesses are so interesting. I wish I'd done this blogfest but I just don't have the time for them, unfortunately. I enjoy from afar!


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