Thursday, December 5, 2013

RIP Paul Walker

Anytime anyone passes away suddenly in the prime of their life it's a shock to those left behind. The day after Walker died, I found out from a childhood friend that her brother, a boy I grew up with, died suddenly at the age of 39. She and her family are of course devastated. I am saddened as well, for him, the children he left behind, and my friend.

Sometimes these RIP blog posts can feel so impersonal. We didn't know the deceased or the deceased family personally. However, death is a common experience and we will all face it eventually (both for ourselves or for our loved ones). So even though I do not know the families of the people I write RIP posts for, I can empathize with their families and I'm sure you can too. 

Paul Walker was not my favorite actor. In fact, I don't think he was a particularly great actor, but he was charismatic and charming. He was an all-American, good looking guy, and a modern Steve McQueen. Entertainers, like friends, serve different purposes. Paul Walker was fun to watch. I enjoyed his films. I especially enjoyed him in the 'Fast and Furious' franchise, which spanned over 10 years. Clearly Walker enjoyed cars, which emanated in his films. He was an amateur race car driver in his spare time. He also enjoyed charity work, marine biology, and being a dad to his teen daughter. 

According to police reports, Walker and his friend, the driver (Roger Rodas) were going at least 90 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone. I am not judging Walker or the driver of the car. I'm just glad that no one else was hurt and I'm sad that Walker and Rodas lost their lives. Some have said that Walker and Rodas shouldn't have been speeding, which is true. But if we all did what we were supposed to "all" the time, then we would be perfect people. Last I checked there were no perfect people in this world.

There is an unconfirmed quote attributed to Paul Walker, "If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling." So perhaps Walker went out the way he wanted to-- behind the wheel of a beautiful, fast car. I don't know. I just know that I'm sad that he's no longer here. God rest his soul and Godspeed.


  1. Amen. It is very sad. And after surviving all those Fast and Furious movies, it's sad he was killed in a real car accident. They've halted production on the seventh one. I wonder if the franchise is done now?

  2. What a sad day. The world was in denial for a long time until the official announcement came out.

  3. I liked this post. You said everything that needed to be said, so eloquently.

  4. It's a very tragic event, though I'm pleased to see you separate the niceties of Mr. Walker's pleasant persona from the largely mediocre body of work he starred in. He looked great and came across well, but his film choices remain largely unremarkable.

    Love the funky images accompanying the Tom Hiddleston post.

  5. Alex-- So true. I am curious as to what will be done with the franchise?

    Maurice-- Yes. I really enjoyed your Nelson Mandela post.

    Paul-- Thanks so much! Coming from you that is a true compliment.

    Movies-- Yes, I agree w/ you completely. Although the Fast films were a guilty pleasure of mine. THanks. I love Toms!


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