Sunday, January 12, 2014

'Doctor Who' Interactive Infographic

via BBC
Everyone knows that Doctor Who is one big timey wimey wibbly ball of time travel. So the BBC has helped us sort it out. Check out the BBC's interactive infographic of 'Doctor Who' and all of his timelines. You can click on different points in time for different doctors from the first through the eleventh. 


  1. Nice!
    You get extra credit for including the 4th Doctor!

  2. I take it David loves the 4th (who doesn't!). I'm afraid to click on the graphic, I can feel hours leaving me.

    I'm actually going to physically make it to a local writer's meeting next Monday. Maybe see you there?

  3. Amazing stuff! I feel for the person that had to fact-check all this.

  4. Ha, David-- I knew you would like that!

    Libby-- Oh what time will it be? Which one are you going to? I'll have to email you Monday.

    Maurice-- Yes, that would be a lot of fact checking! I wouldn't want that job. I just like the fun stuff.

  5. Really Cool infographic! Thanks for sharing! :)


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