Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day SciFi Fans

Via Sparkly Pretty Bright
I am not a squishy mushy Valentine's Day person, but I love any reason to see my favorite characters in silly Valentine's Day poses. Enjoy. Have a nice weekend folks.
Via Rebloggy
Via FY Star Trek
Via Bleeding Cool
Ooops, I can't remember where I got this one! But it's cool!
Via Rebloggy
Via Tony Stark Built This in a Cave


  1. I like that last one!
    Happy Valentine's Day.

  2. Great cards! Happy belated Valentine's Day, Mariah!

  3. Alex-- That's my favorite too. I should have put that one first.

    Katy-- Thanks! Happy belated to you as well.

  4. Earth females are too fragile so I must restrain myself!


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