Monday, May 9, 2016


*Sigh. If only DC Comics could make movies like this. I recently read that 'Captain America: Civil War' was a direct response to 'Batman v. Superman.' Well, let this DC fan be the first to tell you that Marvel does 'Batman v. Superman' better than DC Comics/Warner Brothers does. It's such a shame. Someone at DC Comics/Warner Brothers Studios needs a different job because they really suck at making superhero films. This problem goes beyond Zack Synder and Henry Cavill--both of whom I firmly believe need to be replaced as well.

In the past I have had issues with Marvel Studio Head Kevin Feige--namely because of his refusal to feature female superheroes in starring roles. But Marvel has changed this stance once DC announced the 'Wonder Woman' film. Feige has publicly committed to making films featuring Captain Marvel and Black Widow. So whatever DC does, it seems Marvel just does it better (with regard to film). DC Comics has the corner market on television. Bless DC Comics' hearts, but Marvel Studios sure knows how to make a good superhero movie and they know how to use their character catalog. Unlike DC, they're not stuck making Batman or Superman films for 40 years. Side note: I would exclude 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' from the "good movie" category.

Friday, May 6, 2016


Before getting into any of the happenings this week, I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge that the movie blogging community has suffered a huge loss. Thank you to Chris at Movies and Songs 365 for his wonderful post about Chip. First, I want to say how personally saddened I am by this news. Chip was one of the first bloggers who visited my site when I was just starting out 8 years ago. He was an incredible film blogger with deep insight and and a friendly disposition. I will always be grateful to Chip's kind words when I was a new blogger with very few friends in the community. He was a class act and just a wonderful person. Chip you will be missed. May God rest your soul and Godspeed friend. Godspeed.
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