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Originally started as a personal blog, formerly called MsMariah.com or MsMariah's Space Blogyssey, A Space Blogyssey is an entertainment blog, with a focus on science fiction. I am huge science fiction fan, but I enjoy all kinds of films and television, including historical dramas, suspense, action, drama, and art house films, with the occasional scary movie for good measure, but my favorite genre is scifi/fantasy.
Long story short, if you're looking for rom-com (romantic comedies), grotesque torture movies, sappy feel-good films, or celebrity gossip, you won't find it here.  
I've been sporadically blogging since 2005, however, I was not consistent until 2008. Even now, I am a slow and steady blogger. I don't necessarily post something every day, because I only post what interests me personally. I wasn't as choosy a few years ago. Now that my life has become super busy, I just don't have time to post about stuff that doesn't pique my interest. But I'm open to ideas, so if you have an idea I should write about please contact me on twitter @aspaceblogyssey or my personal twitter @msquare1 or email me through my contact formPlease noteI DO NOT RESPOND TO SPAMMERS. So if you're a spammer please save yourself the trouble.

Not only did I get my name from a movie (Paint Your Wagon), but movies are a big part of my hobby. I used to be a part-time movie critic, which is why I became a serious entertainment blogger. However, I am no longer writing for other online magazines. Being a film critic is a lot more difficult than you think it is. It was also very time consuming. Articles have to be we well-written, concise, properly punctuated, etc. If you want to see a great movie critic in action check out Daniel Johnson's blog. He's one of the best movie critics around and he's a full-time reviewer.
My husband and I on our wedding day
As for my personal life, I live in the Southeast with my husband, our kids, and several four-legged friends.  I also have several family members who keep my life interesting.  
My baby and me.

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