I always want to help other bloggers and writers, which is why I allow guest posts. However, I have found that many guest posts are typically blog post advertisements in disguise. Please note that I do not allow any blog post ads on my site. If you submit an article I will review it for links to make sure the links are above board and not advertisements. If there is a random Directv or casino link in your article, then consider your article deleted!

If you're still interested please see my submission guidelines below. I'll be glad to post your article if everything is above board. If your article works out, then we can discuss you posting as a frequent guest poster. However, if you're attempting to post a blog post ad, then may I suggest being up front and honest with the bloggers you reach out to. My readers are not stupid and neither am I. I can smell a blog ad masquerading as a guest post a mile away! Post your spammy blog post elsewhere.

Also, please note this blog's focus. For example, if you submit an article on fashion or politics it will be rejected.
  • Articles should be related to film, television, cosplay, conventions, geek culture, etc. 
  • Typical word length is between 800 to 2,000 words
  • Articles should be PG-13. No cuss words. 
  • No link bait. It's totally fine to put in a couple of links to your other work, but don't link almost every other word and don't bury 100 links in your article. No one wants to see that many links. The links should make sense. 
    • For example, if you're referencing an article in the Hollywood Reporter, go ahead and include that link. However-- if one of your links goes to a random directv or casino ad, consider your article deleted
  • Articles should be written with professional standards, spell check, proper tenses, capitalizations, etc. The first reference to a movie or actor should be bolded. Second reference within the same review should not be bolded. All 'film and television titles' should have single quotation mark. For example 'Mad Max: Fury Road.' I take my cue from the master himself--Roger Ebert
  • Periods should be inside quotation marks. I use the American standard. However, I know there are different standards around the world. 
  • There should be multiple graphics. No nudity.
  • Picture sizes should be 670 x 375 or 670 x 400. 
  • Gifs can be any size.
  • All graphics should be centered.
  • All paragraphs should be left justified, no indentation.  
  • Quotes are helpful, but optional. 
  • If it works out perhaps you can become a regular poster.
Here are some sample reviews: Mission Impossible 5Jurassic WorldThe Martian. Article will be edited prior to publishing. 
Send an email through the contact form for more information.
Please note: NO BLOG POST ADS! NO SEO COMPANIES AND NO SPAMMERS! I'm not interested in publishing an article with a bunch of your "keywords" so you can get a higher Google ranking. Guest posts are for other writers and bloggers. Your article must be entertainment related. Please note the blog's focus. Please do not send an article that is unrelated to this website.

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