Saturday, June 25, 2011

Christopher Meloni Joins the Cast of the Man of Steel

If you haven't heard about the new Superman film you will.  IN recent months we heard that Amy Adams was joining the cast as the new Lois Lane and, of course, that Henry Cavill is the new Superman.  Now Christopher Meloni is the newest addition to the cast after the devastating revelation that he was leaving Law & Order: SVU.  Christopher will be playing a general.  Michael Shannon is already Zod, so who could it be?

What a great cast.  I really hope that Zack Synder (the director) doesn't mess this up.  One could seriously question Synder's judgment after the dreadful Sucker Punch and the awful protracted love scene between comic book heroes in The Watchmen, set to the spiritual tune of Hallelujah.  Hopefully Christopher Nolan will reign him in.
The new Lois Lane and Superman (Amy Adams and Henry Cavill)
Henry Cavill at Comic Con

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