Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Thing Prequel - I Can't Contain My Excitment

The Thing's preview was accidentally leaked at a film festival and of course some miscreant had their camera handy whilst in the movie theater.  I can't complain, since I get to see the preview a little early.  For those not familiar with John Carpenter's classic remake in 1982 and of course the original film, The Thing from Another World in 1955, the film franchise is about a team of scientists who discover an alien spacecraft while at an Antarctica research facility.  The first two films are science fiction at it's best.  The prequel has big shoes to fill.  Warning - the preview's quality is pretty bad.  Release date is October 14, 2011. 


  1. But release date that keep getting postponed alarming something that is not right about this remake.

  2. Yep that worries me. If the reviews aren't good I won't set foot in the theater. I want to have good memories of the 1982 version.

  3. It does have huge shoes to fill but it actually looks like it'll be pretty good. Even though it's a prequel, it think it'll be just more of an update. I'm looking forward to this as well!

  4. I'm surprised they haven't officially released the preview. I guess it's like Jaccstev said about the release dates getting pushed back. I wonder what's going on with this film. They've released previews for films releasing in November, so why not release the Thing preview?

  5. Agreed, it look pretty damn fine. I don't expect for a second it'll match Carpenters film, but I'm all for it, seeing as its a prequel. Looks like they kept the spirit of what made the classic's so great, both Hawks and Carpenters. Pray for in shot visual effects.


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