Sunday, June 26, 2011

Free Fall - Part 1

The director of the new film the Immortals (to be released on 11/11/2011) also directed a film called The Fall and the freak fest that was The Cell.  Yes, the one with J-Lo.  I'm beginning to see a pattern--  "The Immortals," "The" Fall, "The" Cell?  He's not very creative with the titles, but seriously how have I never heard of The Fall?  Filmed in 2006, released in the U.S. in 2008, this film looks amazing.  I don't think I've ever seen a preview quite like it.  I've placed it in the Netflix queue so I hope to be viewing it soon.  The preview reminds me of a Terry Gilliam film.
If the Immortals is anything like this, then perhaps the preview for The Immortals doesn't do it justice.  The preview for the Immortals looks "just ok."  It looks like a costumy, beef-cake, sordid mess, but since Henry Cavill is in it, I'll see it.  As most of us know, Henry Cavill will be playing the new Superman in Man of Steel.  So I'm pretty sure I'll see this film regardless.  I just hope there aren't any "this is Sparta!" scenes.  That would be too much.
Henry Cavill looking very '300-ish" in The Immortals


  1. Agree with your opinion, Mariah. Visual, Immortals might be look great but story look 'meh' - predictable and cliche.

  2. Yes the director seems like a visual director. The immortals looks way too beefcake sans the storyline. I like Henry Cavill though.


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