Monday, August 15, 2011

Is This Really All That Creative?

Photo by Shannon Cottrell
I was recently surprised that the gender-bender super hero costumers at Comic-Con won Best Cosplay.  Is this really creative enough to win the whole enchilada?  For those who don't know what Cosplay is, it's a play off of the words "costume play."  I've seen way more creative costuming.  I don't understand how this is so unique.  Check out the other costumes at Comic-Con this year.     


  1. They dropped the ball on this. Some people work very hard on their costumes, not just buy a branded suit.

  2. Amazing stuff, a lot of which I didn't know what they were representing, should be awarded to the best made/created?

  3. Those aren't anything spectacular.

  4. Hell no, I can randomly pick five on that page that are better then the winners. Going to different conventions I have seen some really good costumes and some bad ones but as long as there having fun that's what matters. Also I agree with Shockgrubz some people spend a lot of time and money perfecting their costumes to make them as authentic looking as possible I'm not saying someone who spends the most should win but there should be two categories then homemade and store bought.

  5. Doesn't look like anything special to me.

    BTW, I found you when I signed up for Alex's blogfest. Looks like fun.

  6. This is mildly interesting and all, but clearly not the correct choice for winner.

  7. I dont really think those are all that our there but maybe its Comic cons way of trying to reach out to the female fans? I am willing to bet Comic Con is largely male dominated so maybe by picking these winners they think they are appealing to the female crowd?

  8. Yeah i've seen way more impressive costumes than those two.

  9. Yeah, those are nowhere near as cool as many on the link you provided, Mariah. Nothing creative about them, in my opinion.

  10. @ShockG-- They seriously did. How did this win out of all those costumes?

    @Angry Lurker-- I agree. There were so many creative folks at that convention.

    @Alex-- Nope. Considering the competition, I'm amazed this won.

    @SlowD-- Me too. I've been to conventions and comparedly this is childsplay. The most creative costume I've seen was "A Weeping Angel" from Doctor Who. Now that was a costume.

    @Isis-- Hi thanks a bunch. I'm going to check your blog out too.

    @Nowaysj-- They should be recalled! :)

    @Natural One-- Ha, so true!

    @Sinclair-- Yep I agree. It's definitely clever, but considering the other costumes, I don't know how it won.

    @Jammer-- Hi, what's your blog address? I'd like to follow you but I can't find it in your profile.

    @Harry-- Hi, thanks a bunch. I hope you do too. I'll have to check out your blog this week.

    @cestlavie22-- Thats'a great point and one I didn't think of.

    @Ting Kubby-- Yep. Agreed. These are cool, but they're not that cool.

    @Kyle-- Yep. It's a twist, but it's certainly not unqiue. Next up someone will do the gender bender versions of Star Wars.

  11. Sadly, I'd much rather see bad cosplay with heart than this.

  12. @Wednesday's Child-- I completely agree. These costumes are child's play compared to what I've seen. I can't believe it won.


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