Friday, August 12, 2011

When Will Final Be Final?

I'm not a Bill Maher fan, but he said it best.  When will Final Destination be final?  This series started 10 years ago.  10 years ago I was much more tolerant of bad movies.  Now, I just don't bother. There are so many other ways I can waste two hours.  If I wanted to see young people in compromising situations, I'd watch the news, followed up with any show on the CW.  I'm so over it. Directed by Avatar's second unit director, Steven Quale, the most recent film is about a group of coworkers going to a corporate retreat.  The "lucky" ones escape the sudden collapse of a suspension bridge.  Of course once Tony Todd shows up it's "on."

Sorry, I'm sure there are some Final Destination fans out there. Are there any redeeming factors to this franchise?  Also, why are there so many blasted sequels this year?


  1. First off ...who is this death guy (thing) ,and why does it (he ,she, whatever) warn people on how they are going to die ?

    Second... Why does it have it out for these poor bastards ?

    5 movies , and no reason behind any of it .

  2. The first one or two were interesting but its over now.

  3. The last one was supposed to be the final one. As long as they keep making money, it will never be final though.

  4. @Max-- Completely agree. This is horror movies at their worst--bad writing, teenagers, predictable storylines, etc.

    As for Tony Todd, he will forever be Candyman. Now if Candyman came out and hooked them, then I might go see it.

    @Angry Lurker-- Yep, the first one was somewhat unique b/c we hadn't seen it before, but it got old--quick. I can't believe the franchise is 10 yrs old and their on #5. It's been around so long I've actually aged out of the demographic.

    @Alex-- Very true. It's all about the money. It looks like they actually spend some serious dough making these movies 'look' good, so I wonder why they don't hire good writers.

    That begs the question, why are there so many bad writers in Hollywood and why are they accepted as though they're not bad?

  5. I admit I do watch these films usually when it comes on cable. But honestly the reason I watched them were for the death scenes but now I find that show 1000 ways to die is way better. Plus all the deaths in that show are based on a true event which some blow me away there so crazy.

  6. The last one will be calle "2 Fast 2 Final: The Finalest Final"

  7. This one is actually getting fairly decent reviews. The first two "Final Destination"'s were pretty good. Then it just gets tired and repetitive. I guess there are horror fans out there who enjoy trying to guess how each character is going to die.

  8. Never bothered watching any of these and I don't plan to start now.

  9. Never seen even a minute of these films and I'm going to keep it that way!


  10. This gimmicky movie will never fall off of the face of the earth, as we would hope it would.

  11. Good question. I've been asking that of this series, and also Final Fantasy for years.

  12. I heard that if this one is a success, they'll make 2 more, in one go.

  13. @Natural-- Ha, some folks must be enjoying it. That's why they keep making more.

    @SlowD-- Wow, I didn't know that show was based on true events.

    @SubRadar-- Ha, if only we could get them to give us a "final" of the "final."

    @Film Geek-- From what I can see in the preview, this new Final Destination is definitely more interesting than the others and admittedly it's gotten the best reviews of any of the Final movies, but then so did the new Piranha. Piranha was also hailed as over the top, bloody, fun. I couldn't believe Piranha was "certified" fresh.

    @DWei-- That sounds like a good idea to me. These poor reviewers essentially have to review the same movie over and over again.

    @Nowwaysj-- Hi thanks for the follow. I will be checking out your blog as well.

    @ShockG-- Nope and if this film is successful in another two years we will have yet another one.

    @Bonjour Tristesse-- So true. If they have the term "final" in them, you expect them to be so.

    @Admin-- Oh no...I suppose we'll just have to grin and bear it. I'm so tired of these sequels.

  14. Funny post, and I'm with you, if I wanna watch people in compromising positions, I'll pick the news too.

    Great blog... I found it through Alex's blogfest. Doralynn

  15. The producers of these movies should have a final destination.

  16. not a fan here ; / and only saw the first two... i assumed the rest are the same and yeah... no bueno

  17. @ Doralynn-- Hi thanks for the compliment. I'm following you now :)

    @nowaysj-- Seriously true! If these people can make a movie then so can I.

    @Justin-- I feel sorry for the reviewers of these films. It's essentially the same movie over and over.

  18. Actually, it was surprisingly satisfying but a little bit rushed.


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