Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekend Movie Picks

'Cloud Atlas'
Who will be going to see 'Cloud Atlas' this weekend? The visuals are breathtaking, but the reviews are mixed. I've read reviews saying that 'Cloud Atlas' is bold and colossal. I've also read reviews saying it's unimaginative and absurd. I'm going to give this film and the Wachowskis the benefit of the doubt. But woe to the Wachowskis if they disappoint me again. I really hated the 'Matrix' sequels. I hope they get this one right. 'Cloud Atlas' is now showing everywhere. Here's the latest review at Beyond Hollywood.

Denzel Washington in 'Flight'
This is not my typical scifi film, but the premise appeals to me. A drunk pilot in a malfunctioning plane manages to land the plane and save nearly everyone on board. What's even more interesting is that 'Flight' is not based on Captain Chesley Sullenberger (Sully) who miraculously landed U.S. Airways flight 1549 on the Hudson River, but on Canadian Captain Robert Piche who glided a fuel-less Airbus 330 to a safe landing, saving 306 passengers from a certain crash in 2001. At first Piche was hailed as a hero, but his criminal past came back to haunt him. 

What makes 'Flight' compelling is that unlike the heroic Captain Sully, Captain Whip in 'Flight,' played by Denzel Washington, is drunk and high on cocaine when he lands the plane. And despite his intoxication, he lands the disabled plane where others fail. Similar to Captain Sully, no other pilot can successfully simulate the landing. 'Flight' lands in theaters next week on November 2nd.


  1. Something about Cloud Atlas just doesn't call me to see it. Not sure what.

  2. I haven't really heard much about Cloud Atlas. Maybe I'll check it out.

  3. I want to see Cloud Atlas, but I want to read the book first. I may not see it for years that way though.

  4. Flight sounds more appealing to me than Cloud Atlas. What a premise!

  5. I'll probably like it, since I liked the MATRIX sequels too :)

  6. I could not read the book, just couldn't get into it. Not sure about the movie. The other one looks interesting though

  7. I am halfway through the book for cloud atlas. Not sure it is about anything. The Sonmi story is the most interesting story in it, but I keep wishing it would have been written by Paolo Bacigalupi, as I think it would have been done better and has very similar themes as in his books. Actually wind up girl and the sonmi story could almost take place in the same universe. wind up is better executed but I like the idea in the Sonmi portion of Cloud Atlas.


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