Monday, November 18, 2013

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Episodes Ranked

James Marsters as Spike in 'Fool for Love,' Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Nov. 2000)
I don't necessarily agree with this Louis Peiztman's list on BuzzFeed, but I admire his tenacity. It takes a lot of time, effort, and hardcore "fanage" to rank all 144 episodes of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' Seriously there were like seven seasons on two different networks. So I have to give props to him where props are due.

Peiztman's favorite episode is 'Becoming' Part 1 and 2. I guess this is where reasonable people can disagree. We are all going to have different favorites. Unfortunately, some of my favorites were at the bottom of his very long list, but moving on...  I do acknowledge that watching Buffy stab Angelus (Angel without a soul), push him into the hellmouth, all the while he receives his soul back becomes puppy-dog eyed Angel again was good television, especially in the late 90s.

However, my favorite episode is the more upbeat, 'Fool for Love.' You can see a great review of my favorite episode here. And lest we forget the main ingredient of this episode was the incredible James Marsters as Spike. In this episode Spike challenges Buffy by telling her that she enjoys killing...just... a... little...too...much. Oh before Spike became Billy Idol's vampiric twin, he was a sweet-natured, brown-haired, dowdy poet.

What is your favorite Buffy episode? See where it ranks. Check out Peiztman's list here.


  1. Ranking 144 episodes of anything would be a nightmare. Let the flame war begin!

  2. What Maurice said. Someone will be unhappy with the rankings.

  3. So true, so true. I know there were a couple of eps that were on the bottom of his list that I absolutely loved!

  4. I can't chime in, because I was working swing shift at the time and saw only a few of them. I really thought that was Billy Idol when I first saw the photo.

  5. David-- I agree. I can't believe I've watched them all.

    Pat-- Thankfully this show came out when I was in college so I had "time" back then. Had it come out now...w/ a baby, job, and husband-- I think I wouldn't have the time.

  6. What an impossible task. His top 10 is pretty solid but I LOVE Doppelgangland and The Zeppo. I would rank those higher for sure.


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