Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Renaissance Art with Superheroes

Artist: Flash Daz
Source: Design.org

Superheroes are really "in" this year. Especially "in" art, modern or otherwise. Worth1000 held a Superhero ModRen photo-editing contest in which participants inserted modern superheroes into classical art pieces from the Renaissance. The mix of old with new is a beautiful contrast. Some of the entries are better than others. Meaning some are really good and some are?? The portrait above by Flash Daz won first place. The others are worth a look too. Clearly 'Wonder Woman' was a popular choice! All the more reason we need a Wonder Woman movie-- RIGHT NOW. Design.org has posted a sampling of finalists below:


  1. Now that is an original contest theme! First place is really good. Yes, we need a Wonder Woman movie soon!

  2. What a great idea! I'm glad to see that Wonder Woman gets sore feet like the rest of us. I can see why this one won.

  3. Brilliant! It just shows that comics are a true art form.

  4. Alex-- I agree! This guy clearly deserved first place!

    Pat-- I know. I love it!

    Maurice-- So true. I knew that you would appreciate that given that you do Film Sketcher.

  5. I was just at a bar where they had paintings that mixed old with new, ren art with tats. It was pretty cool.


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