Monday, November 25, 2013

Easter Eggs in Dr. Who 50th Anniversary


One enterprising 'Doctor Who' fan has compiled a list (from multiple Whovians) of not one, but 35 Easter eggs from 'Doctor Who's' much anticipated 50th anniversary episode. For those folks not up to date with their techie lingo, an "Easter egg" does not mean a hard boiled colored egg left in a garden for little children to find. In this instance an Easter egg is an intentional "inside joke" hidden within a movie, a video game, or in this case a television show.
As a hardcore Whovian, I was able to identify most of the Easter eggs on this list, but admittedly I missed some! There were a few easy ones to spot: the Tom Baker scarf, the picture board with the early companions, a nod to Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, in the form of his daughter Kate. But some of the Easter eggs required a re-watch and a meticulous eye.

Check out Paula Ersly's full list here. I've listed some of my favorites below.

Ok, so that's why Elizabeth hates the Doctor, hmmmm. 

Clara was writing "No More" on the whiteboard at the school she was teaching at. Of course, one of the themes for the episode was "Gallifrey Falls...No More."

River Song's red high heels are a deadly weapon and worthy of the Black vault.

So what did you think of the 50th Anniversary? I thought it was good, but it felt like a normal episode, not a 50th anniversary. Perhaps that's the American in me. As an American, I was expecting a no holds bar extravaganza, but it was somewhat understated. Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps it was very "English," which is of course what the show is and represents. It's also the reason I love the show so much! However, I will say that I wish, oh I so wish, that Christopher Eccleston and the BBC could have put aside their differences for the 50th anniversary. If there was one thing this episode was missing it was Eccleston. His Doctor would have been the doctor most affected by the "War Doctor's" choices, so the episode felt a little empty without him. However, overall I enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the ending. 


  1. I didn't watch it - sorry!
    I do think it's cool they pulled together as many Doctors and others as they did though.

  2. There were tons of great Easter Eggs, but the Tom Baker scarf that Osgood wore is my favorite.

  3. I've only watched 2 times I need more viewings to confirm all of it.;)
    Tom @ the end was my absolute fave!

  4. Alex-- You should totally watch it! You'd love Doctor Who.

    Maurice-- The Tom Baker scarf was my favorite too!

    David-- Of course Tom would be your favorite!

  5. I thought it was overegged myself- having (yawn-he's off on one...) watched it from 1963 apart from the git doctor (Peter Davidson)who was too awful to view, I think that it has got too self congratulary-the 5Doctors plot in the 80s worked better and was less smug. Apologies I am a grumpy old man.


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