Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gift Ideas for Every Scifi Fan

Source: i09

Scifi fans are a difficult breed to shop for. So unless you're giving them an electronic gadget or a lump of coal, you may not know what to buy them. Now you never have to wonder what to buy the scifi fan in your life. With the holidays coming up, io9 has put together a great list for every scifi fan. Literally, there is something here for everyone and every budget. Happy Shopping! Now if only I had unlimited funds to buy everything on this list. Click on the links below for ideas.

Doctor Who Fan
Star Trek Fan
Star Wars Fan
Tolkien Fan
Game of Thrones Fan
Superhero Fan
Joss Whedon Fan
Horror Fan

THIS IS NOT AN AD. I just think this list is cool.


  1. Glad there are gifts for the Whedon fan! Although the Firefly stuff would be all for me...

  2. Awesome stuff! I'd pick Doctor Who and Star Trek.

  3. Very timely with the Dr Who premier tomorrow!!!

  4. PS - the OOD cookies made me squeamish and happy!

  5. NICE! great links.
    The world needs more Sonic Pizza cutters!


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