Thursday, May 22, 2008

Indiana Jones, Crystal Skulls, and the Beginnings of the Shia-Monster.

This movie was just ok. The first film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, is still the best. If you like the Indiana Jones franchise then you'll grin and bare this one for what it is, a good looking, popcorn flick. Cate Blanchett's Russian psychic doctor and the 1950's atomic atmosphere are the best things going for this film. Did I forget to say that Karen Allen is back. Karen Allen, I dare say, was Indiana Jones' favorite cohort of the series. Her return was a welcomed surprise. The other women, Kate Capshaw's Willie character included, were trollops. Karen Allen's Miriam was a true class act. I will say that the look of the film was beautiful. I particularly liked the 1950's cafe scene, the scenes at the college, as well as the scenes in the Nevada desert. Once the film moved to the forests of South America it lost it's way.

Plot: It's 1957, resident good guy, handsome professor, and hero-extraordinaire, Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is back after a 21 year absence. This time he's been kidnapped by a group of Soviet agents, led by psychic Colonel Dr. Irina Spalko, played beautifully by Cate Blanchett. Once you think Cate couldn't possibly pull this off, she surprises you, with a beautiful Russian accent and a good performance despite the material.

The Soviets break into Area 51 in Nevada and have taken Indiana captive. The Soviets are looking for an extraterrestrial spacecraft and spaceman, which crashed 10 years prior in Roswell, New Mexico. What follows is a fun Indiana Jones adventure through the Nevada desert, a 1950's nuclear test town, a few cat and mouse games with the Soviets, the Peruvian jungles, and lest I forget, the introduction of the Shia-monster. Yes, unfortunately for us, Shia Labeouf plays Indiana Jones' son, named Mutt Williams. You would have thought that Indiana Jones would have a son much more strapping, but alas. Anywhoo, Miriam and Indy are eventually reunited and they have the majority of their adventures in the Peruvian jungle and beautiful pyramids before the film's final conclusion.

Recommendation: Overall the film is fun. Rent it or see it at the $1.50. The 1950's scenes alone are worth it.


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  1. My feeling when I saw this movie was, "we waited all those years for THIS?" I was disappointed.


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