Saturday, June 18, 2011


Sorry, but I won't be seeing Green Lantern.  The reviews are terrible.  DC or not (I love DC comics), I have standards after all and we're in a recession.  I have to be careful where I throw $20 these days.  There are exceptions.  Battle Los Angeles had a 35% rating and The Tourist had a 20% rating, however, both were decent films.  Still, I saw the latter at the $1.50 theater, which is where I will likely see the Green Lantern.

It appears that the studios have even stopped promoting Lantern.  They know a stinker when they smell one.  Unfortunately, this may hurt other DC franchise films.  DC has so many great characters outside of Superman and Batman.  I hope we continue to see more DC films despite this.  Ryan Reynolds should have stuck with Marvel (X-Men: Wolverwine Origins and Blade III).  Also, the cgi costume in Lantern is just awful.  It's up there with the cgi makeup of Jeff Bridges in Tron.  What ever happened to old fashioned movie making? Christopher Nolan and Jon Favreau should be required to direct all superhero films.  Thankfully, it appears that Ryan will be returning to Marvel, with a featurette on Deadpool in 2014 (the character he portrayed in X-Men).  Whatever happened to brand loyalty?  Stick with one and stay with it. 

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