Monday, July 4, 2011

Free Fall - Part 2

After seeing the preview for The Fall, directed by Tarsem, I netflixed it.  I don't know how this film slipped past my radar, but I'm sad I didn't see it in the theaters.  I can only imagine how intoxicating it would have been to see on the big screen.  The film is sublime--a feast for the eyes.  Filmed in 28 different countries over a four year period, the visuals are stunning and the storyline is equally grand.  The Fall is a striking fantastical film in the tradition of Pan's Labyrinth (although Pan's Labyrinth is much, much darker).  The soundtrack is equally lavish with Beetoven's Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92, II. Allegretto.
As most of us know, Tarsem is directing this year's big budget film The Immortals starring Henry Cavill.  From what I've read about The Fall, Tarsem used much of his own money to finish the film, thereby having more creative control.  I am not sure how much creative control he will have with The Immortals.  As I've said in the previous post, from the preview, the visuals for the Immortals are a sight to behold, but the storyline falls flat.  The Immortals look a little beefcake gone wild and not on par with The Fall.  I can only assume Tarsem has had much more studio involvement with the production of The Immortals.

Plot: Based on 1981's Yo Ho Ho, the story is set in a convalescent home in Los Angeles in 1915 during the height of the silent film era.  A little girl named Alexandria (Catinca Untaru) is recovering from a broken arm and happens upon a desperately injured hollywood stuntman, Roy (Lee Pace).  Roy befriends Alexandria and tells her an epic tale about six adventurers on an elaborate quest.  As Roy's tall tale unfolds, Alexandria populates the story with her imagination.  



  1. beautiful! i'm gonna look out for this. :D

  2. I never watched this film maybe I should follow your recommendation to rent it.
    It's very obvious that Singh have an unusual taste for weird outfit that I think he will make a good collaboration with Gaga :)

  3. It's definitely an art house films, but there's also a fantasy element that I enjoyed.

  4. I heard about this movie and I seen the trailer. It looks like a beautiful film


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