Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Terra Nova - Trailer

Terra Nova is Fox's new scifi series, premiering September 26.  Admittedly, I have some trepidation when a new scifi show premieres on Fox.  Fox is well-known for the early cancellation of Firefly and The Sarah Connor Chronicles--two great shows.
In the near future, 2149, earth is dying.  The human race's only chance for survival is time travel.  But how does the human race travel back in time without messing with their own evolution or world history?  They travel 85 million years into the past.  The show appears to be a cross between A Sound of Thunder and Jurassic Park.  I guess it makes sense, 65 million years ago an asteroid wiped out most life on earth.  So by jumping 20 million years before that extinction event, humans shouldn't impact their own evolution, thereby eliminating the butterfly effect.  Not surprisingly Steven Spielberg is producing the series.
The series stars Irish actor Jason O'Mara (Life on Mars) and renowned film actor Stephen Lang (Avatar).  The show centers around one family struggling to survive.  Terra Nova has a great concept and cast, but the show has had some delays prior to it's recent debut at Comic Con.  Something about this show looks 'Caprica-ish' and Caprica was just awful.  So I really, really hope not.  I tried so hard to give that series a chance.  Hopefully Terra Nova will not follow in its footsteps.

Television spot

Extended Trailer


  1. Well, it looks interesting. I don't trust Fox either.

  2. The trailer renewed my faith in Fox series, but I'll have to watch it to be sure.

  3. If they go back that far won't the asteroid make dinosaurs and humans extinct? Oh well, I doubt the show will cover 20 million years so I'll check it out.

  4. @Laura-- Yep, Fox is not to be trusted. They don't do well with scifi. The X-files was an exception.

    @SubRadar--It debuted at ComicCon so I have to see if it's available somewhere online. Perhaps Hulu Plus?

    @Magixx-- I hope so. There are parts that look a little so-so, but I'm hoping for the best.

    @movie68-- Yep, I thought of that. The people and dinos will all be wiped out in 20 million years, but perhaps they can develop efficient space travel by then? I don't know. 20 million years is a long time. It's a good question though.

  5. never heard of this before, thanks for sharing. :)


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