Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2 Teaser

The Walking Dead returns this October, which will not be in time to 'liven' up the ultra-boring summer tv schedule.  The most boring of which is Falling Skies.  The other snooze-fest is Alphas.  However, I'm willing to give both of these shows a chance to prove me wrong...but I don't think I'm wrong.  I have a pretty good barometer for bad television.  I've watched Falling Skies since it's premiere and it puts me to sleep faster than reading War & Peace, while drinking hot chocolate, while listening to my cat purr.  Perhaps if we had seen the actual alien invasion take place it would have been more interesting.  Alas, I don't think they have the budget for that.  But how can you go wrong with alien invasion?  Evidently, you can.
Falling Skies
Similar to Falling Skies, The Walking Dead is set in the after effects of a cataclysmic event, but unlike Falling Skies, The Walking Dead gets it right.  The makers of the The Walking Dead know how to manage a little thing called "suspense" and they know how to manage it properly.  Mind you, the material for The Walking Dead is extensive, which gives the writers an ample pool to draw from.  If you haven't read The Walking Dead graphic novels, I strongly encourage you to do so.  However, if you don't enjoy spoilers then wait for the show to air.

Getting back to Alphas, that show is just ho-hum.  It's not good, it's not bad, it's dull and the concept has been done to death.  It's only in it's 2nd episode, so I will give Alphas several more episodes before I move on, but I hope the writers come up with something to spice things up.  If the show fails, it's a waste of great talent, which includes David Strathairn (Bourne Supremecy), Malik Yoba (NY Undercover), and Callum Keith Rennie (from this scifi fan's favorite show, Battlestar Galactica). 


  1. nice ... I have just seen the first episode and did not really like it :S

    But now, I guess I will give it a try, could be worth watching it, since I am looking for some intense series!

  2. Of the Walking Dead? The storyline definitely picks up. They have to do a lot of character setup beforehand. Have you read any of the graphic novels?

  3. Enjoying Falling Skies and just saw the third episode and will watch the second season of The Walking Dead with hope.

  4. @Angry Lurker-- I think Falling Skies is ok. The effects are decent and the cast is good, but I'm just so bored. I started getting bored after the 3rd or 4th episode. The show has stalled somewhat now that they're stationed in the school. I think we're in the 5th or 6th episode in the states.

    It's still on my dvr. I'm going to continue to give it a chance. I hope the show picks up somewhat.

  5. Never watched Falling Skies, but can't wait for Walking Dead to come back. The last couple weeks of TV have been okay imo with Curb, breaking Bad, True Blood and a couple others starting back up

  6. That clip rocks! Can't wait for season two.

  7. Battlestar Galactica is definitely one of my all time faves. I am pretty bored with Falling Skies myself. I was hoping they'd do the invasion, too. I mean it's Spielberg produced.

    That being said, I cannot wait for Walking Dead. This show rocks and has me absorbed completely with every episode. Not unlike BSG in which every commercial break was like a physical parting.

  8. Walking Dead is so great. I have the "Walking Dead with aliens" episodes but I just can' bring myself to watch them.

  9. @Movie68 True Blood is most certainly true this year. I've been really enjoying it.

  10. @Sean Thomas Fisher-- Me too. I've never gotten used to the weird schedule on the cable networks. Yes, they don't show reruns, but they make you wait for a full year before they show new episodes.

    @Melissa Bradley-- I think the new BSG was my favorite show of all time. The 1st season especially was like visual poetry. I wasn't happy with the way it ended, but it was still enjoyable. What's the old saying, "it was a beautiful ride, but a rough landing."

    @Kamatacci-- If only we could have a Walking Dead with aliens episode. That would be great. I think flesh-eating zombies is what's missing from Falling Skies.

  11. Yay! I'm looking forward to The Walking Dead. I have high expectations for this since I use to read the comics, don't let me down!


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