Monday, October 3, 2011

Doctor Who = Mandatory Viewing

Doctor Who's Season Six Finale just aired in the United States on BBC America on October 1, 2011. If you've never seen the new series, which debuted in 2005 with Christopher Eggleston, then you are seriously missing out.

If you're a science fiction fan this show is mandatory viewing. There's no need to start from the beginning of the show's 50 year history. Just start with season 5 (with the latest Doctor, Matt Smith), which is available on Netflix instant viewing (at least for the time being--who knows what Netflix will do next). IGN goes into great detail about the Doctor Who's lead writer, Stephen MoffatCheck it out. Considering the drivel that's on tv these days, Doctor Who is a clever oasis. It's brilliant, just brilliant. I can't say more about it.
Matt Smith as the indomitable Doctor Who
Check out these clips from the finale.


  1. Jeez. I really need to start watching this show.

  2. I don't get BBC America so I have not been able to catch this season nor the previous one. I've been hoping that Sy Fy will bring it back. They ran the Eccleston's season and most of Tennant's episodes, but I have not heard anything more. :) Maybe my PBS station, which is currently running Tennant's last season, will pick up Matt Smith's season. I love Dr. Who.

  3. it is absolutely amazing, although david tennant was the best doctor ever.

  4. oh MAN! i love this show soooo much! but i can never watch the new shows when they come out because of my work schedule, so i have to wait the loooooong wait for them to come to netflix. i've hardly seen any of the matt smith episodes! but this show is definitely epic.

  5. Film Geek-- Yes! :) Most definitely. I think you'd really like it.

    Angry Lurker- Completely agree!

    Damon-- Sure is!

    Melissa- I believe Season 5 w/ Matt Smith is on Netflix instant (for the time being). I'm not sure when SyFy will be bringing back Doctor Who. From what I've heard, we will be getting more wrestling on SyFy. Now they even have wrestling stars on their shows, like Haven. It's a shame. I just don't get it.

    Astaroth-- I agree, David Tennant was absolutely fantastic and probably my 2nd favorite doctor of all time. #1 being Baker of course. Tennant embodied everything "who," but Smith is a close third. I've come to really like him as the doctor.

    Vic-- Netflix is showing the Matt Smith episodes from season 5 on instant queue. You should check it out. Season 5 is pretty good too.

  6. As a loyal Brit, never watched the show and probably never will. Nevr been to my taste.

    It's no Tera Nova.

  7. I'll have to check out Tera Nova. I keep hearing good things about it. One of the reasons I adore Doctor Who is because it's an institution. It's been around for 50 years and will probably be around for 50 more.


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