Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tardis Refrigerator

One wonderful fant wants you to keep your custard and fish fingers cool in a tardis refrigerator. (If you live in North America they're called fish sticks) See here.


  1. *mind blown*

    my kids would totally try to climb in there and wonder why they aren't travelling through space and time... maybe the ice ages, but... i can't go on, that joke is just too lame.

    seriously cool find!
    (last one i promise!)

  2. This is a serious Who toy, too much for me!

  3. OMG I want one!! This would look brutally cool in my kitchen. And I would be the envy of all my Whovian friends.

  4. I'm not a Dr. Who fan, but that is really cool.

  5. haha that's awesome. It wouldn't fit in my kitchen though.

  6. @Vic-- I completely agree. I'm not a kid, but I still want to climb in it.

    @Paul-- Ha, I think someone actually painted this.

    @Angry Lurker-- I bet with all of that painting you do, you could do this.

    @Melissa-- I would change the color scheme of my kitchen if I had one of these.

    @Alex-- I hoping to convert you into a fan! :)

    @A-- Mine either, but I may make it fit! :)

  7. That is excellent. I'm gonna try and convince my brother to do that with his spare fridge.


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