Friday, January 27, 2012

Build Your Own Tardis?
I'm a sucker for a tardis. You can stick a tardis on just about anything and I'll think it's cool. Which is why I greatly admire those who can build and create things with wood. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. My handyman skills are limited to paper products. Folding paper--this I can do.

Check out Cubee Craft. They have paper models available.
Build your own tardis, then what?

This German fan (identified as  on youtube) shows, those interested, how to build their own collapsible wooden tardis. Although it appears to have taken several weeks to build, she can disassemble/assemble her pre-built tardis in under 10 minutes. I'm not sure what one would do with a tardis in their backyard or their living room? I think a tardis should be somewhat functional (not in the timey-wimey sense), but in the practical sense. I wouldn't mind building a tardis bookshelf or painting a refrigerator tardis blue. I posted on the tardis refrigerator a few months ago.

Check out this Tardis Bookshelf
This British fan (identified as msmuse101 on shows how to build their own tardis bookshelf. I think the idea of a tardis bookshelf, a door, or refrigerator is much more interesting. At least I could put stuff in there. It wouldn't just sit somewhere to look pretty.
UK Model Maker, Ms.Muse101 built this with her dad

Paint one of your doors tardis Blue
I've decided that this is simple enough that I could probably do this as well? Will I ever be motivated to? That depends? When will there be more than 24 hours in a day?


  1. Mi piace lo scaffale, ma la porta ancor di più! :D

  2. I want a Tardis bookshelf! My hubby and I have joked that instead of building a playhouse in the backyard for our son, we would build a Tardis.

  3. Bellissimo il Tardis scaffale. Magari provo a costruirmene uno io.

  4. Such good fun-I could have a bookshelf like that! Great post brought a smile to my face.

  5. Great video on creating your own TARDIS..

    will share with my TARDIS sheddies.

  6. occhio sulle espressioni-- Anche a me, penso che sia così cool.

    Vic-- Ha, yes!!!

    Paul-- Slap a tardis on anything and I'm happy!

    Unclewilco-- Thanks a bunch!

  7. Nick-- Anche a me, mi piacerebbe costruire una!

  8. Hi there Gary! Thanks for your comment. Your tardis looks great.


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