Monday, January 30, 2012

Phantom Menace Re-Released In 3D? Why?

If you haven't seen Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace a million times already, you'll soon be given a chance. I for one, don't get it. Essentially the proportions listed in the photo below are correct. They are beating a dead horse aren't they? Episode 1 isn't even one of the better movies. The best thing in that movie was the fight at the end between the two jedis (played by Liam Neeson/Ewan McGregor) and Darth Maul (Ray Park). I don't know, I guess George Lucas needs to replenish the war chest.

Speaking of George Lucas, did anyone see Red Tails? Why couldn't they have invested a little bit more into making this movie better? The special effects are top of the line, but Red Tails got creamed in the ratings game. Still, my dad and I somewhat enjoyed it. It definitely had the world famous cheesy-Lucas dialogue. It wasn't all that bad, but it could have been great. Why can't Lucas hire half-way decent script writers? This also applies to the first two films in the Star Wars sequels (Phantom Menace and Clone Wars). Revenge of the Sith was the only decent sequel out of that franchise (excluding the three original films of course).
Despite the iffy dialogue, one could tell that David Oyelowo is a very talented actor, as hot shot pilot Lightning aka Joe Little. I didn't even recognize him from his role in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, as the sleazy corporate guy.

So why does Lucas need to release the Star Wars movies in 3D?
Red Tails Poster
Nate Parker (far left) and David Oyelowo (right)


  1. I have a dvd-blu-ray 3D converter, and I have seen it in 3D, and does it make the movie more watchable?
    Just a little. Let's face facts...Episode One was lame.

  2. It's the quest for more money! (Really dig the accompanying photo.)
    I'd really wanted for Red Tails to be great, since it is such an important story in our history, but I just knew the dialogue would be cheesy bad.

  3. great pic!
    i've heard the effects in red tails were amazing.
    but that lucas didn't want it to be the movie that most people expected- aka one that made a statement- he wanted it to be a sillier, kind of cheesy "man" movie, where guys get to fly around and act silly or something.
    not something deep.
    i haven't seen it yet, but that's just what i heard.

  4. The lack of skilled writing not only lies in the practice of favoring 'names' over quality, but also can be attributed to a tendency for the 'masses' to not give one iota of importance to multi-faceted plot lines and believable character building. Give them all a good one-liner, and you've captured their hearts. Sorry for the rant, lol.

  5. Lucas is trying to keep himself relevant, but since he hasn't created anything original since Sith, he's got to trot the films out again to make some money. I mean no one's buying Padme shampoo the way we did Princess Leia shampoo.

    Red Tails doesn't count since it's not his story, but someone else's that he's given the Lucas makeover to. :)

    I'm going to avoid the re-releases of Star Wars all together, except maybe the original (and only) trilogy.

  6. As you say Mr Lucas must need the lucre. I loved the Lego picture LOL. Red tails is an inspiring story and one that needs to be told, I have not seen it yet but I have to agree that Lucas cannot write dialogue. Great post.

  7. I keep hearing Phantom Menace is not worth the price of admission, since there are so few 3D scenes anyway.

    Talking of Star Wars, I just posted an in-depth review of the original 1977 film, and my Empire strikes back review will be posted next week!


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