Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eureka Is Dead, Long Live Eureka

After five seasons, Eureka's bittersweet Series Finale aired last night. SyFy announced Eureka's cancellation last year after promising six additional episodes to wrap up the series, only to retract them. Thanks SyFy! So fans were forced to say goodbye to their favorite mad scientists and "common-sense" sheriff in a rushed last episode.
Despite this, the writers and producers were able to end the show the way it began and 'Eureka' came full circle. We even got a trip down memory lane, 'Eureka' style. We also got to see some old familiar faces, including Baltar himself (aka Dr. Trevor Grant) played by the wonderful James Callis.

The plucky upbeat show ended the way it should, happily. However, those six additional episodes could have tied up loose ends. 'Eureka' cast member Niall Matter (Zane) summed it up nicely.
"There’s just not enough time to button everything up. They’re going to work really hard to tie things up, but I read the episode and it’s not how I would want to end this series, that’s for sure."
Rightfully so, the writers threw in a few pot shots at SyFy for cancelling their flagship series prematurely. One could assume SyFy cancelled 'Eureka' to make room for more paranormal reality television and wrestling. And that's just what scifi fans really want, MORE WRESTLING!

'Eureka' was a great show and will be greatly missed by its fans. If you haven't seen it, 'Eureka' can be seen online via Netflix. A fond farewell to Eureka's cast, writers, and producers! Thankfully SyFy hasn't cancelled 'Warehouse 13,' which is their last bit of decent programming.

Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Colin Ferguson in Eureka's Series Finale


  1. I watched it last night with a heavy heart. One of my favorite shows. It was just too science fiction for the SyFy Channel I guess.

  2. Manm, I just HATE coming to the party late. I caught a few eps of "Eureka" and thought what a great show it was... and now it's on it's way out?? Not fair.

    Oh, and by the way, you just won The Liebster Award. Go pick it up!


    - TGWD

  3. I still can't believe they cancelled this show. Eureka was certainly one of the best out there and they ended it far too soon. I also don't like where they went with the show. I miss the way it was before all the time travel stuff. Ah well, it was still better than most anything currently on.

  4. Alex-- I just loved this show. I still can't believe SyFy did what they did. They should have let the writers wrap up the series better.

    Greatwhitedope-- Thanks for the award. I will pick up! You definitely should watch Eureka. You'd really enjoy the earlier episodes.

    Melissa-- So true. Most tv is crap. I'm so tired of housewives and reality television.

  5. Why? Why did they cancel a successful show with good actors and truly science fictional concepts? Some people are just allergic to success.


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