Monday, November 5, 2012

'The Walking Dead' IS The Best Show On Tv

As of right now 'The Walking Dead' is the best show on television. If you haven't started watching this masterpiece of fiction unfold in your living room then you're seriously missing out. Season 2 started rather slowly, but ended well. Season 3 has been terrificly terrifying.

Last night's episode was incredible. Just incredible. If you'd like to catch up on it, you can watch the first two seasons of 'The Walking Dead' online at Netflix. For those who haven't seen last night's episode, I don't want to spoil it for you. For those who want to know more, click on my 'Spoilers' Page. Needless to say "the fit hits the shan." No one is safe.


  1. I haven't been watching since the first season as life got in the way. I find it's easier if I catch up through NetFlix or somewhere else online and watch whole seasons at once. (Just finished the first season of Once Upon a Time in this manner.) I will catch up though!

  2. they are diverging greatly from the comics. I can't say that they are changes for the better, only safer choices. The comic is much more brutal.

  3. Alex-- I think you'll find that it's worth it. The 2nd season started out very slow, but the 2nd half was fantastic. The third season has been brilliant.

    Budd-- I've read the graphic novels too. I think some aspects are more brutal, whereas some aren't. I thought Lori's c-section felt much more brutal than how she died in the comic. I think she was just shot in the comic.

  4. It was a good death, but I'm glad Lori's gone. I've hated her character since the start and felt like she contributed nothing to the group. She continually endangered them first because she kept playing Shane and Rick against each other, then because she couldn't go through with the right thing and swallow that pill. Now they're stuck with a complete dependent which will only continue to drag them down. That baby is going to get them all killed.

    They'll miss T-Dog more than Lori. He could shoot.

  5. I keep meaning to give this a go but I'm not that big on zombies if I am truthful.

  6. I've heard so much about this, and really want to get on the bandwagon. If only I could find a bit more time...


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