Thursday, June 20, 2013

Please Welcome My Newest Scifi Fan!

Hi everyone, if I've been away from blogger for the last few months, please forgive me. I had a difficult pregnancy and just delivered a baby girl. Needless to say my husband and I have been quite busy, but absolutely thrilled! After 12 years of marriage our new little one was a lovely surprise and a wonderful addition! I wish everyone the best on their blogs this summer and I will try to lurk and comment when I can. I also hope to update my own blog periodically. Anywhoo, best wishes for the summer! Take care.


  1. Congratulations!! And she is attired most appropriately I see.

  2. Congratulations!What a beautiful baby. Good to hear from you again :)

  3. Thanks to all. I'm doing well. I still have baby brain, but overall we're all happy and healthy!

  4. Congratulations! Love the shirt...

  5. (Very) belated congratulations on your new fan. I hope the late nights spent feeding her have afforded you a chance to introduce her to some of the classics.

  6. Pat-- Thanks so much! Yes, we have a future nerd in training.

    Chip-- Thanks so much for your kind words. Yes, there have been lots of late nights!


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