Thursday, November 28, 2013

10 Reasons to Love Tom Hiddleston

Over the course of three short years, Tom Hiddleston has quickly become a household name and a fan favorite. Arguably, he is almost as popular with the fans as Chris Hemsworth, at least in the scifi community. Perhaps you don't know who Tom Hiddleston is. Or if you do recognize him, you know him as "that guy from 'Thor' and you don't know what all the fuss is about? If this is the case, then this post is for you.

When I first saw the original 'Thor' film (which I hated. See my review here), I didn't really notice Hiddleston. It wasn't until I saw a sweet story about Hiddleston that went viral that I first took note of him. In 2012, the young son of Hiddleston's friend wanted to "fight" Loki as 'Captain America.' Hiddleston obliged, which I found incredibly touching and sweet. You can see that encounter here and here. Then I saw Hiddleston in 'Midnight in Paris' as F. Scott Fitzgerald, which sealed the deal. Hiddleston has since gone on to reprise his role as the mischievous demigod Loki in 'The Avengers' and most recently 'Thor 2: The Dark World.' Hiddleston repeatedly steals every scene that he's in. So here are the Top 10 reasons to love Tom Hiddleston. If you're weren't convinced before, now you are.

10. Tom Hiddleston is bilingual. Knowing more than one language is always helpful. I am always in the process of "trying" to learn different languages. I love the idea of being multi-lingual, but I don't know if my brain works anymore.
9. Tom Hiddleston is super sweet, especially to his fans. Every time I see him at a premiere or a public function he's always smiling and engaging with people.

Via Hiddlespear

8. Tom Hiddleston is dashing. He may not be traditionally handsome, but he's 6' 2", charming, and he has an attractiveness about him.

                                        Via Lawalli
7. Tom Hiddleston defends his fans. When a snarky interviewer tried to make his fans look weird, Tom corrected him.
Via Hiddleston Daily

6. Tom Hiddleston knows how to work a crowd. As a cosplayer who goes to conventions, nothing is more flattering than to see your fan favorite show up in costume. It shows their dedication to the fans. We love it!

Via Trouble in 421
5. Tom Hiddleston is reflective and thoughtful.  
Via Black Nata
4. Tom Hiddleston likes kids! There is nothing more endearing than dressing up as Loki for a roomful of children. Awww!
Via Because Hiddles
3. Tom Hiddleston can dance and I mean really dance.  

Oh and just in case you weren't convinced. Boom.
Via Noelleski

2. Tom Hiddleston is chivalrous. Sorry guys, this one is for the ladies. Oh Tom!

Via Hiddles Gifs

1. Tom Hiddleston can really act. In a world of pop stars and models turned actors, Tom Hiddleston stands out. For some reason English theatrically trained actors are always the best of the best. I don't know why, but they just are. 
Via Jirosc


  1. He is charming isn't he!
    I definitely loved him in the Dark World. You never know what he is up to.

  2. What a guy. I only know him from Thor, so it's cool to know he's a true gentleman.

  3. David-- Yes! Yes, he is! So true.

    Maurice-- Yes, the more I looked into him the more I liked him.

    Paul-- Definitely!


  5. I hadn't seen that jacket situation before - that man just keeps getting more adorable.

    Making me proud to be British: keep it up, Tom!

  6. Sati-- Seriously, the jacket! That was my #1, but alas I had to choose acting.

    Twenty Six-- Yes, he represents y'all quite well!

  7. I so adore Hiddlestud! I will forever cherish that day when he sent me a Tweet in which he blessed HOLLYWOOD SPY :) at the same time sending thousands of his fans flocking to my site :) Such a delightful guy he is, and such an unusually good and kind person in celebrity world.

  8. Dezmond, that is such a sweet story. Now I have to follow Hiddles on twitter. I've been missing out.


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