Friday, January 24, 2014

'RoboCop' Remake + New Clips

New 'RoboCop' Movie Poster
Sony Pictures has released several new clips of the new 'RoboCop' film. Admittedly I was skeptical at first, but the remake is slowly winning me over. I still don't think that the new film will be "better than the original," as some have claimed. Some reviewers are saying that the remake will be better because of the proliferation of CGI (computer generated imagery). On this I adamantly disagree. More CGI does NOT necessarily make a movie better. In fact, in my opinion, too much CGI does the opposite, because some directors are over reliant on CGI in lieu of the storyline. Too much CGI and a film can look like a video game that no one wants to play.

But so far I like what I'm seeing with the new 'RoboCop' film. The new film will be rated PG-13, so it won't be the bloody masterpiece that Paul Verhoeven created in 1987. But PG-13 does not necessarily = bad. The creators of the remake have wisely decided to give everyone a taste of the new film. The film has a beautiful look to it and has the "feel" of a science fiction film. The people behind the remake are keenly aware that the new film will not only be judged by it's Rotten Tomatoes score, but it will also be judged by the original.

Likewise, the film also has a great cast of Michael Keaton, Joel Kinnaman, and Samuel L. Jackson. Keaton plays the main bad guy and the scenes I've seen him in have been pleasing. Keaton may have been out of the limelight for a while, but he's a fantastic actor. This was a good casting choice. Kinnaman  ('The Killing') who plays RoboCop is also a capable actor. Samuel J. is of course always great. The director (Jose Padilha) and writer (Joshua Zetumer) are the wildcards. They are both relatively unknown, but that may lead to a pleasant surprise or a massive letdown. We shall see. The new 'RoboCop' releases February 12, 2014.






 photo Robocopremake2014_blackcostume.jpg photo TransformersTooMuchCGI.jpg


  1. The original now looks very cheesy, but still not sold on the remake. Hoping they do a lot with that PG-13 rating. At least the story is different.

  2. i am being swayed... i love the original... i repeat. i love the original...

  3. The clips are making me want to like it as much as the original.

  4. I liked the original for its subversive take on politics and consumption. The new one via the clips looks interesting.

  5. The original will never be topped. This Robocop seems like something out of a bad sitcom. And that human hand!?

  6. Alex-- Me too! although I do have a soft gooey spot for the original.

    David-- I'm going to give it a fighting chance.

    Paul-- Yes, I didn't think about that. The original had a message. I'm not sure what this one's message is yet!

    Movies-- Ha, you may have a point.

  7. Jeremy- You and me both!! I loved the original. It was a childhood staple.


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