Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More 'Doctor Who' Set Photos, Geek News, Trailers + Links

Via Twitter
Here's another look at Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman on the set of 'Doctor Who' Season 8. It looks like this week's episode may be medieval themed! Cool! Here are some more set photos for your viewing pleasure.

Geek News
Watch this sweet little SciFi short film from Anton Chistiakov about a lonely robot who sells ice cream. It's really charming and beautiful.

Check out the real-life 'Star Wars' Tatooine shooting locations on this blog, called Strange Pegs. This is on location in Tunisia. The sets were used for 'The Phantom Menace.' Some of these are actual ruins.

So after axing all of Anna Paquin's scenes from the "over" hyped 'X-Men: Days of Future Past,' 20th Century Fox has overruled Bryan Singer and added Paquin back in as a cameo. I guess someone finally told 20th Century Fox that Paquin was still in the credits and all of the marketing Here's a hint-- please stop giving Bryan Singer comic book movies to direct.

The much anticipated trailer for 'Gone Girl' has just been released. 'Gone Girl' is based on the best selling novel of the same name.

Second teaser trailer released from 'The Leftovers,' which is a show about the rapture and its effect on human civilization.

Very cool Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen cosplay.
Via Fashionably Geek

Alex does a Retro A to Z Challenge
The Flick Chick reviews 'The Thin Blue Line'
Howling Wolf listens to 'Captain America: Winter Soldier' Soundtrack
Sati and Brittani both awesomely dissect and analyze the latest episode of 'Game of Thrones'
Cinema Viewfinder reviews 'Transcendence'
Film Sketcher reveals some great 'Hunger Games' concept art
The Geek Twins explains why there are 2 different Quicksilvers. Thanks guys!!
Spacer Guy has a post about 'Star Trek' bloopers
French Toast Sunday's Babe of the Week is Kate Mara
Cinematic Katzenjammer reviews 'Under the Skin'
David has posted a funny video about 'Frozen'
Films and Coke reviews 'Divergent'
Alex Withrow talks about dual roles


  1. I am loving the Game of Thrones I am able to catch up and well then there is dragons... thank you for the shout out. Just like I have watched "The Hobbit II" about for times, well the dragon part... does that make it bad? I skipped pass the "Dr Who" stuff... and I am not sure why Singer gets the great honor of returning to the X-men franchise. Didn't he walk away from the third to screw up the Superman film?

    Have a glorious day!


    1. Jeremy-- So many good points. You would like Doctor Who. You should give it a go. Yep, Singer totally messed up the Superman franchise. He doesn't even have brand loyalty and he messed up both of them. It's like still to one franchise (marvel or DC).

  2. That video was well done. Such amazing depths.
    Anna is in the credits, so we have to use her, darn it!
    Thanks for mentioning my retro posts.

    1. Wasn't that video great. It's so beautiful. Yes, it's like all of that was an after thought to someone in the Singer camp. Will people really notice that Anna is in all of the marketing materials and not the film, oh darn!

  3. Thanks for the link! Days of the Future Past is gonna be a mess - waaaay too many characters and too much post production confusion.

    1. I couldn't agree more! Way too many characters, way too little to do for each of them!

  4. Capaldi ' s outfit looks better the more I see it. Bibo has a great retro feel Ms. Mariah and thanks for the link back!

    1. Hi Maurice! Thanks for answering my question about Quicksilver.

  5. Every new photo of Capaldi as the Doctor reminds me of how far behind I am! I seriously need to move beyond the Tennant years.
    The robot short was so sweet and charming. :)
    After watching a featurette with Singer explaining his choices for the X-Men sequel, I quickly lost hope for his future movies. He just sorta seems uninspired and disinterested. :/

    1. Katy-- I think you will like it. Doctor Who is one of my favorite shows. Yes, Singer doesn't seem to take his comic book movies seriously. I've lost hope for Days of Future Past.

  6. I can't wait till August to see Doctor Who again! I've read that that episode is Robots of Sherwood forest.

    1. Ooooo thank you David. I was wondering what that episode was about!


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