Friday, June 27, 2014

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Ok, I've recently become obsessed with 'Penny Dreadful' or as Katy playfully refers to it as 'Penny Pornful.' The series started out a little slow for me, but has come along quite nicely. It also gave me a new found love for Eva Green and Timothy Dalton. Green has done some incredible work on this series.. I've always known that she was a good actress, but she has really taken it to the next level. Green's character is complicated, multi-faceted, intense, and tormented. Even though the show itself is a little tongue in cheek, the tragedy that some of the characters endure is profound. It has all of the markings of a great show for me: historical fiction, psychological horror, lush set design, and marvelous actors. The show has a soulfulness that most supernatural shows lack. This 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' knockoff is better than I thought it would be, which is always a pleasant surprise. It does 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' better than 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.' All round top marks from me.

My one criticism is as Katy indicated, there's too much emphasis on "random quickies." In fact, I think all Dorian Gray (Reeve Carney) does is seduce people. I would love to know more about Dorian Gray besides his sexual conquests. This is one of the big problems I have in general with the pay subscription channels like HBO and Showtime. Whereas other networks with stricter nudity guidelines have to find creative ways to tell a story, networks like HBO, Showtime, and Starz rely on gratuitous nudity to pull their storylines along. Sex sells essentially. Unfortunately, a good story needs more than boobs.

I don't mind a love scene if it compliments (or adds to) the story. My issue is when the writers put a nude scene in just to appeal to the perverts. I'm not making this up. In fact that's what one HBO producer said verbatim. An unnamed producer told director Neil Marshall that he "represented the pervert side of the audience" and he encouraged Marshall to go full frontal just because they could. "Everybody else represents the serious drama side, I represent the perv side..." I have no doubt that someone like is likely whispering into 'Penny Dreadful's ear.

I'm six episodes into the 1st season of 'Orphan Black' and I've come to the realization that everyone was right. This show is wonderful. The writing is superb and Tatiana Maslany is one heck of an actress. At first I was skeptical because the only thing I had seen Maslany in was 'Gingersnaps 2,' but wow, she won me over. 'Orphan Black' is really a one woman show and Maslany blows it out of the water. Clone Club rocks. This is a must see for scifi fans. Season 1 is on Amazon. Season 2 just wrapped up on BBC.

So a teaser for the 'Hunger Games: The Mockingjay' has surfaced. I like this franchise, but sometimes I don't understand how three books turns into 4 or 5 movies. I could understand the 'Harry Potter' franchise, since those books are actually quite complex. However, I don't think we need four 'Hunger Games' films. The 'Hunger Games' isn't all that complicated. Similarly, 'The Hobbit' could have been one film. Don't get me started on 'Twilight.'

So Dracula is being the form of 'Dracula: Untold.' I guess they thought this was a clever title. This time Luke Evans will play the titular character. I'm always wary of movies set in medieval times with trailers set to rock music. It's kind of a like a law of physics or something, that and a January release date. Wow, this paragraph was snarkier than I intended. Thankfully, 'Dracula Untold' has an October release date so things are looking up. I really hope so because I like Luke Evans. He's one of my favorite "eye candy" actors.

So evidently Paramount wants you to buy 'Star Trek Into the Darkness' BluRay DVD not once but twice. Let's not and say we did. How about I "not" watch it on Netflix streaming. Once was enough for me. I don't really care about the special features from this movie enough to buy it. In fact, I don't even buy dvds anymore. Unless it's a cult classic I don't feel the need to see movies over and over again. If I want to watch a movie over and over again, I'll buy it streaming on Amazon.

Via Twitter
The lovely Peter Capaldi takes pictures with fans. Can't wait for the new season of 'Doctor Who' to start with Capaldi. The BBC has announced that 'Doctor Who' will return August 23, 2014. Speaking of 'Doctor Who,' Paul McGann (otherwise known as the 8th Doctor Who) thinks there should be a female Doctor! I would love to see one.

Check out HitFix's list of 11 DC female superheroes that deserve their own films. Yeah, no kidding. I'm in 100% agreement! Oh and if you ever want to find a Comic Book Shop click here.

Fun Stuff
Via Lord of the Meme
Check out this list of 34 things you didn't know (or probably care to know) about 'Lord of the Rings.' Admittedly a few of them are interesting. Apparently Nicolas Cage was offered the role of Aragorn, but turned it down...and we thank him for that. Daniel Day-Lewis was also offered the role. I could see Day-Lewis as Aragorn, but Cage--is a definite "NO." Viggo Mortensen was a good choice and a good swordsman in real-life too. The swordplay coordinator said Mortensen is the best swordsman he's ever trained.

io9 just posted a list of low-budget robot films that are NOT 'Transformers.' It's a good list. Sometimes it's easy to forget, but the original 'Terminator' was actually a low-budget film.

The 60's television series 'The Outer Limits' will be adapted into a movie. Does anyone remember the 90s version of 'The Outer Limits' on Showtime and then later on the SyFy Channel? It was a nice filler show.

Via Fansided
So evidently Lady Stoneheart is out on 'Game of Thrones.' Michelle Fairley was recently quoted as saying that Catelyn is dead and will not be returning as Lady Stoneheart for Season 5. If you want to know more about LS then click here. I haven't gotten that far in the books, but I have to say I'm utterly shocked that LS will not be in Season 5 of 'Game of Thrones.' If it were April Fool's Day I would say it was a joke. Lady Sati is very close to rioting, as are many other hardcore fans.

'The Walking Dead' producers/writers routinely troll the fans. So perhaps 'GoTs' folks are following suit. I don't know. It's sad to say, but I hope they are trolling us. If not, my theory is that Lady Stoneheart is out because one of the pervy 'GoTs' producers didn't want to see her naked, because if the producers can't picture you naked then what's the point on 'Boob of Thrones?'

Has anyone been watching 'Last Ship' on TNT? My quota for apocalyptic shows hasn't been met this year. I watched a little bit of it and admittedly it looks incredibly cliched and soapy. I'll give it two more episodes before I ditch it. TNT doesn't seem to do science fiction well. They had a fluke with 'Witchblade' in the early 2000s.

So apparently Eric Nortman (Alexander Skarsgard) is alive and well somewhere on 'True Blood' Season 7, but hasn't appeared yet. I'm trying to make myself finish watching this trashy show. If there's hope of seeing Alexander Skarsgard then I might be able to stomach the rest of the series.

Via Forums Superherohype
Ben Affleck will also be in a standalone 'Batman' film. I may be one of the few who actually thinks that Affleck will do a good job. He knows how the movie business works from both ends, both as an actor and as a director. I'm looking forward to his tenure as Batman. And I have to reiterate that I don't get all the Affleck-hate. For example, look at Henry Cavill as 'Superman.' I'm sorry, but Cavill is no Christopher Reeve. So why are people giving Affleck such a hard time and not Cavill? Next stop for the caped crusaders will be in 'Batman v's Superman: Dawn of Justice.' Oh and let's not forget 'Wonder Woman' will be their 3rd wheel. We'll see how that goes.

I want that
Her Universe is offering some really cool Marvel tees for the ladies. Check out this 'Agents of Shield' tee shirt, with a glow in the dark Hydra inlay. Speaking of which, 'Agents of Shield' was another show I hate watched this year. Admittedly, it improved as time went on.

Does anyone remember the classic transformers from 1984? You know before the franchise was destroyed by Micheal Bay? This little throwback will be exclusively offered at this year's Comic Con for $59.99 or you can buy it on Ebay afterward, which I'm sure will be exorbitantly priced. I'll just wait for Hasbro to start selling them directly.


  1. Can't wait for Doctor Who! Peter Capaldi will rock the role!
    After seeing the trailer Dracula: Untold is on my ls list of things to see. Lots of Bats!
    Great post as always!

    1. Hi David! Thanks so much. I'm really really looking fwd to Capaldi. I can't wait. I'm not so sure about the Dracula movie though!

  2. Peter Capaldi is looking so fly with those glasses on!

    Thank you for the mention! Eva Green and the rest of the PD cast really makes it for me. It was great to get two episodes solely based on Vanessa. I'd love to see the same happen for Dorian, Frankenstein, and Josh Hartnett. The stories are improving and there is a bit less sex, so I'm interested to catch up on the last two episodes and see where the season finale takes us.

    I like The Hunger Games but personally I could go blue in the face ranting about the hype of the series. It's all just a bit too much. Four movies for three books that aren't complicated nor really has a revolutionary ending or climatic finish...I might wait to see the last two movies at home.

    Last Ship was something I wanted to check out but completely forgot. I'll have to check out the next episode. :/

    I'm such a huge Batman fan, and I can't wait for Affleck. It's almost really a dream come true for me to see him cast in the movie. I hope the script doesn't fail him but I think he *solely* will do a nice job.

    1. Hi Katy! Thanks. I'm with you on the Hunger Games. It's not complicated. Four films is way too much. I'm glad you agree on Batman. Affleck has received so much hate!

      I've really enjoyed finishing up Penny Dreadful. The Eva-centric eps have been fantastic!

  3. I think Affleck will be fine as Batman as well. No idea why some people are protesting.
    Sorry, haven't seen most of those shows. Did start watching season two of Defiance last week. Been so long, I couldn't remember the names of the characters.
    Cage as Aragorn - the movie would've been doomed from the start.
    And I won't buy Into Darkness twice, but confess I really dug the movie and have seen it three times now...

    1. Thanks! I agree. I think he will do a great job. He's received so much backlash and I don't get it. I'm so glad Cage wasn't Aragorn. That would have been a huge casting mistake.

  4. I just finished season 1 of Orphan Black on DVD and yes it's totally awesome!! I need to order season 2 now that it's out on DVD :)

    1. I am completely obsessed with the show The 2nd season is ondemand on BBC America.

  5. "close to" rioting?":D I've been rioting for two weeks now :) To be fair she just said that 'dead' part but she didn't say flat out 'I'm not returning' so I'm not taking any of this as confirmation as the character is indeed dead and what she says is true - they can't stick to the books, but whose to say she is not just being evasive? I just wish she would answer with 'i don't know' if she is returning, pretending not to know is better than trolling fans.

    1. I agree. Unfortunately, those are the only two options. Either Michelle will really be coming back and the producers told her to toy with the fans (ergo troll them) or she won't be back. Either option isn't good :(

  6. Great list Ms. Mariah. 'Orphan Black' is a great show, but I still have to catch up on this season! I'll probably end up waiting till the end and watching it as a marathon. Peter Capaldi is probably going to be the most accessible Doctor yet since he's doing so much for the fans and the show hasn't even started! That Agents of Shield shirt is perfect, but you'd only be able to show it off in the dark, which would be weird. It definitely improved over the year.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. Agents of Shield vastly improved over time. It started out slow but ended really well. I love love Orphan Black. I heard the 2nd season isn't as good which makes me sad :( the 1st season was epic.

      I'm really looking fwd to Peter b/c he's so accessible. I think he's that way b/c he was also a big dr. who fan before becoming who. I think he's one of the few who was a big fan of the show first. He actually did fan art!!

  7. I still have Optimus Prime 1984 robot that does change into a truck... I should take it out and play with it or just look at how many pieces are missing. Doctor Who, Check! Need to find out more on the Star Trek, re-release.... the second was not so bad? Did you see I too have a cool "SHIELD" shirt, I want to be cool too... though that one is cool.

    1. Jeremy-- That's awesome! I'm sure it's on a shelf just like my husband's collectibles are. I thought the second was ok, but could use improvement. I will have to check out your Shield shirt!

    2. I must have been full of myself as the "I's" are all caps... I have a shelf of figures/toys I refer to as the bald collection. Jason Voorhees, Pinhead and Darth Vader [Mask Off]... and Batmobile... and other things.. photo coming soon!

  8. Looks like a pretty serious series.

  9. I do think people are being a little harsh on Affleck, I think he'll be just fine.

    1. They are aren't they? Idk why people don't like Affleck? He seems like a nice guy.


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