Friday, January 28, 2011

Mechanically Inclined

Directed by SIMON WEST

This movie surprised me. It was sleek, crisp, and to the point. That said, it's a man's man movie, otherwise known as buddy-cop, summer-release, only this is in January.

But don't be fooled. If you don't like action-thrillers and a little bit of gore, then don't see this film. It takes big feet to fill Charles Bronson's shoes and Jason Statham, martial artist, actor-extraordinaire, does it with flair. There were a few scenes with the women folk that I didn't appreciate. I don't know why these guy movies always have to exploit women, but c'est la vie. But overall it was a decent January film. Most January films are horrendous.

Plot: Arthur Bishop, played by the ultimate man's man himself, Jason Statham, is a mechanic, otherwise known as an assassin for hire. He works for some well-funded government agency and he's very good at what he does. He's typically taking out drug lords, arms dealers, or the other bad guys, until he's given the mission that makes him question who he's working for.

The mechanic is directed to kill his mentor Harry, played by Donald Sutherland. The mechanic's orders come from my all-time favorite bad guy Tony Goldwyn, who plays Dean. In the midst of this intrigue he takes Harry's son Steve under his wing. Steve is played by Ben Foster, who is a very versatile actor. Prior to meeting Arthur, Steve is shiftless and drunk. Arthur decides to train him as a "mechanic." The pair go on a range of adventures and shoot-outs before the ultimate confrontation.


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